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How to find a skirt perfect for your figure

Back in the day European women wore nothing but skirts and dresses. This even resulted in the word “skirt” becoming an epithet for women. Skirts are one of the oldest garments known to mankind. This clothing item originated from a rectangular piece of fabric which was either knitted or made from animal skin- then it was simply wrapped around the waist.  Skirts can be cheeky, fun, elegant and feminine but, the message conveyed with this clothing item all depends on the cut, length and colour. We also need to ask ourselves the following question: “How do I choose the right skirt for my figure?” Hopefully this  blog will answer this question and provide you with examples. All skirts are available at our quality second-hand store and our online store:

Skirts for short women

If you have a SHORT FIGURE the best skirt to wear is a tapered straight slim skirt and A-line skirts. The length should be around the knee and an off-centre slit can help to elongate the legs. Vertical detail or embellishments will help create an illusion of length. AVOID skirts that are too long or too short as it may cause your legs to appear even shorter. Also avoid hem detail, mid-calf length skirts and patch pockets. TRY this skirt below which demonstrates vertical detail and is just above the knee which creates an illusion of a taller figure.

Try this vintage skirt available at 2nd Take

Skirts for women with a thicker waist

If you have a THICK WAIST wear skirts that diverts the attention away from your waist and emphasise your legs. AVOID skirts with any embellishments around the middle, as these will draw attention to the waist. TRY this skirt below which has no detail around the middle and it draws attention to your legs.

This second-hand skirt is available from 2nd Take's online store

Skirts for curvy women

For those with CURVY FIGURES wear skirts with subtle tapering and A-lines and wrap -arounds. Pick a skirt with a flat front, side or back zippers, drop-waists or no waistband. If you have a thick waist wear flat-textures with little stretch and flat, fluid fabrics will float over curves. If you have a short figure, an off-centre slit can divert attention away from the curves and emphasise the legs instead. AVOID box styles, stiff fabrics, pleats, patch pockets, full styles and any horizontal patterning- don’t wear skirts that are too tight. TRY this wrap-around skirt which has an off centre slit and a loose material which glides over curves.


Skirts for women with a bit of a tummy

If you have a LARGER STOMACH wear lightly tapered pencil skirts and A-line skirts that drape. AVOID anything that is tight or clings such as bias cuts, pleats, wraps, darts in the front- or gathered, bulky styles and front pockets. TRY this loose, draping skirt.


Skirts for women with a boy-like figure

For those with a BOY-LIKE FIGURE most styles of skirts are suitable, however, if you are concerned that your legs are too skinny, wear a long skirt with a slit or buttons on the front. Pleats are suitable for slim hips and you can even wear slanted pockets, patched pockets, gathered material, belts and thick waits bands. If you have a small waist make use of wide belts to emphasise the waist. TRY this pleated pink skirt with a girly black bow on the waist or a pleated grey skirt.



Skirts for women with some booty

If you have a BOTTOM-HEAVY FIGURE wear moderate A-line style or loose, softly draped skirts and wrap arounds. Skirts will flatter you physique more than pants would. Wear a tapered skirts which are knee-length, however, avoid waistbands. The details on the skirts should be vertical and preferably darker colours. AVOID pockets on the skirt, pleating all the way round, bias cuts or trims and stretch material such as lycra. Also avoid hem detail, a lot of flare or horizontal embellishment. Do not wear skirts that are too tight or that have pleats around the hips. TRY this loose, pleated skirt.


Skirts for women with a flat booty

If you have a FLAT BOTTOM wear lycra fabrics, tight skirts and bias-cut skirts TRY this short and fitted skirt.


Skirts for women with a long waist or short legs

If you have a LONG WAIST or SHORT LEGS wear straight skirts which will give your legs length. the best length for this skirt is between mid-thigh and above the knee. Add a belt in the same colour which will give the illusion that the upper body is shorter. Wear short tops or jackets, blend the pantyhose with the skirt and depend on vertical detail to give length to your figure. TRY this short black skirt to give your legs more length.


Skirts for women with a short waist or long legs

If you have a SHORT WAIST or LONG LEGS look for skirts which are straight and have a dropped waist. Also choose skirts that hug your hips or are low rise, low-slung and no waistband. If you wear tops that fall past the waistline it may appear that your legs are shorter and liquid-like fabric can mask a short waist. AVOID any detail that interrupts the top line of the skirt for instance pleats and belts that do not blend in. Also avoid high or wide waistbands and horizontal detailing near the waist. TRY this skirt that hugs your hips and contains no waistband.


Skirts for women with them thighs

If you have LARGE THIGHS wear skirts that are loose and drape for example soft pleats. AVOID Lycra and narrow skirts. TRY this loose pleated skirt.


Skirts for women with thick ankles

If you have THICK ANKLES  wear long skirts or skirts that ends around the knee with boots that are above the ankle. AVOID skirts with hem detail, embellishment  or skirts with a flare in the bottom half which will draw attention to your ankles so stay away. TRY this skirt which ends around the knee and these boots that covers the ankles.


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