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Designer Elie Saab, a mixture of Eastern and Western glamour...

Elie Saab

Early Life

Elie Saab was born on July 4th 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon.
• He grew up in Damour, a southern costal suburb, part of Greater Beirut.
• Saab was born a Maronite Catholic. Elie Saab has been sewing since he was a child.
• At the age of eight, Saab already knew that he wanted to pursue a career in Fashion.
• As a child, he raided his mother’s closets and dressed up his sister in anything he could find. His family was pleasantly surprise when they saw the outcome of his creations.


• In 1982, at the age of 18, Elie Saab established his fashion label in Beirut, called Elie Saab.
• In the beginning, his label specialized in bridal Haute Couture, dresses and gowns.
• He started getting quite the reputation for his designs, dressing a numerous women in the Beirut area and soon began attracting the attention of the women in the higher echelos of society.
• By 1986, orders for his designs were increasing and high rollers from all over the world were interested in Saab’s designs.
• In 1990, he expanded his atelier, and started satisfying orders from Paris and Switzerland.
• 2002, is the year when the Eli Saab’s name became an international success, being the first Lebanese Designer to dress an Oscar winner. That night Halle Berry, who wore a burgundy gown designed by Saab, won the Best Actress award, looked the picture of a victor!
• In 1997, Saab became the first non-Italian designer to become part of the Italian Camera Nazionale Della Moda, and this resulted in him showing his first collection outside Lebanon, in Rome.
• In 1998, he started designing his ready-to-wear collection in Milan.
• In May 2003, the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture invited Saab to become member of the group.
• In July that same year, he showed his first Haute Couture collection in Paris.
• In 2006, Saab presented his first ready-to-wear collection in Paris and since then has become a permanent designer on the ready-to-wear runway shows.
• By 2010, Saab became one of the top designers choices for Fashion to wear on the red carpet. His designs exemplify elegance and royalty.
• In 2011, Elie Saab launched his first perfume range called “Le Parfum”, which became overnight sensation and bestseller in 15 countries.


Elie Saab’s design style is a mixture of western and eastern cultures. He is known for using materials such as taffeta, organza, noble and satin paired with fluid and light fabrics. Elie Saab designs are also known for their embroidery and embellishments. His most iconic look to date is his Halle Berry Oscar dress ,which gave the designer instant stardom.

Present Day

• Presently you can find over a 100 Elie Saab retail outlets in 42 countries.
• Today Elie Saab is concentrating on building his brand and making plans to expand his empire.


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