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Welcome to 2nd Take – Home to Exclusive second-hand designer clothes


How it all started

“I was trying to squeeze yet another pair of designer jeans into my already full cupboard with much frustration. How could it be that I had no space and I only ever wore my two favourite pairs?

So I stood looking at my overfull cupboard with pairs of jeans that no longer fitted me and THAT designer dress – the one that looked so good on me in the shop and that I had never had the chance to wear. It was an impulsive buy and it still had the label on it. I had lots of designer clothes, brand new, never worn. Such a waste of money. Such a waste of space!

Chatting to my friends it seemed I was not alone. They too had untold treasures and designer clothes that they hardly wore. We shared stories about buying designer clothes a size too small in the hope that we would lose those three kilo’s. We never did. Or the gifts they had received, but the colour was all wrong for them, or the fit wasn’t quite right. There were so many similar types of stories.”

– Bettina Berlep, owner and founder of 2nd Take


2nd Take, the second hand store for international designer clothes, now also online


Although a relatively new shopping model to Cape Town, the idea of upcycling and reselling pre-owned designer clothes is quite popular in Europe. Get a second take on your wardrobe. We solve your cluttered cupboard nightmares and make your beautiful second-hand, pre-owned designer clothes and designer accessories available to prospective buyers.


Buy exclusive second-hand designer clothes for a fraction of the cost

2nd Take gives you access to exclusive, high-end, international labels at a fraction of the price. We offer you an exclusive boutique shopping experience from our Sea Point location, as well as a convenient, online shopping experience for you to access from the comfort of your own home. Shopping for second-hand international Designer clothes has never been more easy!


Many of our vintage designer labels are not even available in retail shops in South Africa! We help you find exactly what you are looking for by regularly sourcing everything from designer evening dresses, designer shoes and accessories to kids wear and top quality, second-hand baby equipment, toys and books.

All our stock is in pristine condition so you never have to sacrifice quality for style.

Sell your items in one quick step

Do you have designer wear to sell? Let 2nd Take help you put something back into your pocket! We sell your 2nd hand designer clothes, shoes and accessories for you from our online shop and at our Sea Point store. Visit us in Sea Point, or contact us at today to find out how we can help you make some extra cash or save bucks on your next designer buy.

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For more information, read our FAQs  and our Terms and Conditions.  Contact Us today!

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