How to care for suede

 How to care for suede items with 2nd Take

Extend the life of your clothes! 2nd Take shows you how to care for suede and extend the life of your beloved items.

How to care for suede 2nd Take Care Tips


Suede is breathable, gentle, and versatile. It is also known for being notoriously difficult to clean. But don’t let this “de-suede” you! Whether it be for your boots or your suede couches, let us show you a few easy to follow steps to keep you looking your best.

2nd Take has compiled suede clothing and goods care tips, as well as clothing care tips for many other materials.


What is suede?

Suede is a leather product, derived from the underside of the animal hides. The top layer of the skin has been gently sanded down until a soft, textured touch is achieved.  This is called the nap of the material. This process makes suede is a lot less tough than ordinary leather. It also however makes it a lot more suitable to making clothing as it can be very easily dyed, manipulated and worn.


Care for suede the easy way

Care of suede products needs to be an ongoing exercise. Like leather, suede is a porous material – which is, in a way similar to your skin. Because of the added texture and softness, suede becomes extremely absorbent to moisture, stains and to dirt. You therefore need to start taking care of suede items as soon as you get them.


The first step is to treat suede items with a water-resistant, suede protector spray. These sprays are available wherever leather or suede products are sold. Before spraying, use a soft brush, like a nail brush, to gently brush the suede to raise the nap. This will allow the spray to coat the suede more evenly. Always brush in one direction only. Follow the instructions on the spray to a tee to avoid most stains before they occur.


Cleaning suede

As we mentioned before, because of the softness and the texture of suede, it absorbs dirt and stains rapidly. The best approach to extending the lifestyle of your items is to clean stains as soon as possible before they absorb even more into the nap.


You need to pay special attention to suede items that have been exposed to water. For certain items, water marks can dry to leave a water stain. In these cases, the entire item needs to be wet and sponged dry to even out any discolouration. To dry, stuff the item with paper to maintain the shape and leave to air-dry in a well ventilated area.

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To remove tough stains, first brush the entire area to raise the nap then wash it with a gentle, non-drying soap. Leave to dry as in the previous step. Unfortunately, due to the absorbent nature of suede, some stains may be impossible to remove. Oil and grease are notorious enemies of suede so be careful if your garments come into contact with these.


Removing scuff marks

Suede shoes are especially susceptible to scuff marks. This happens when the suede is rubbed against, flattening the nap. Try to remove scuff marks by brushing the suede back and forth with either a suede brush, available at a leather shop, or a soft, nail brush to raise the nap.


Other marks

To banish small marks on suede, try this top tip. First brush the area with a soft brush, with strokes in one direction only. Then, use a pencil eraser on the mark to transfer it from the suede. Follow this with another brush-over to smooth the surface.


Don’t run from the mud

Don’t let a splash of mud scare you away from those sexy, suede boots! First, let the mud dry completely. Brushing or wiping wet mud can push it deeper into the pores of the suede. When the suede is completely dry, use a stiff brush and work piece by piece. Work in one direction only. Pay special attention to mud that has become lodged in details (such as button holes) and stitching. Brush repeatedly until all the dust clears.


Storing your Suede

To avoid discolouration, or to avoid dreaded mildew and mold growing on your loveliest garments, wrap suede items in tissue paper when you are not using them. The paper will absorb any excess moisture from the suede or the surrounding air. Store the items in well ventilated containers like baskets or boxes. Avoid direct sunlight and opt for storing in a cool, dry area.

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