Cotton Clothing Care Tips

2nd Take’s Cotton clothing care tips

Cotton Clothing Care tips for your second-hand designer cotton clothes

We have compiled cotton clothing care tips as well as care tips for other fabrics for you.

Not sure how to care for your lovely cotton garments? 2nd Take has heard your cries for help!

We love cotton! It’s comfortable, durable, versatile and long lasting – that is if it has been cared for correctly. We will help you care for cotton garments with ease! At 2nd Take, we’re all about extending the life of your clothes. We want to ensure that you get value for your money and help you to limit the impact that your clothes have on the environment! In this spirit, we have compiled a few simple “care for cotton” tips for you to follow to ensure that your cotton cuts remain as lovely as the day they came home.


Cotton Know-how:

Cotton loves water. Cotton is able to absorb water quite easily and is therefore easily washed and rinsed! Clothing made of pure cotton may also be washed at high temperatures. Care for cotton by making sure that you read the clothing care label first to ensure that it has not been combined with synthetic fibers such as polyester. This needs to be taken into account as it can affect the washability of the item!



It’s easy to treat cotton garments for stains. For tough stains, treat the garment immediately. Pre-soak with a stain remover prior to the wash. As cotton is very resistant, most stain removers would be suitable. Regular bleach may be used on all white cotton items but try to avoid over-bleaching as much as possible as this will eventually lead to the weakening of the strands in the fabric.

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The wash:

To keep your crisp, white shirts looking amazing, start to care for cotton even before the wash. Always pre-treat the areas under the arms and around the neck with a stain remover. Perspiration, deodorant and make-up can eventually cause a yellowish build up that could become a permanent stain.

Always sort clothes by colour before you wash. Whites, dark colours and bright colours should be washed separately to avoid being stained. The washing instructions for colours may also differ. For example, the colour in darker items will stay more vibrant on a lower heat setting whereas a stained white item needs a cold wash to avoid “setting” the stain.


Cotton responds well to dying and colour can easily be maintained by washing items on a lower heat. Also, remember to always turn clothes inside out before washing and to wash like colours together.


For best results, wash your cotton items with regular laundry soap using warm to cold water. Wash on a gentle cycle if your laundry includes delicates like lingerie, or items blended with wool or polyester.

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To keep your cottons soft and fluffy, dry items on a low heat, or be eco-friendly and hang them on the clothes line to dry!

For softer garments, fold neatly, gently ironing out creases with your hand before the item is completely dry. For more resistant garments like sheets, use a hot, steam iron to remove all creases in no time at all! Unlike synthetic fibers, cotton can withstand high temperatures without scorching.

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