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Second-hand clothing

Care instructions for you garments - keep your second hand designer clothes in shape with 2nd take

second-hand clothing

Second-hand clothing Care tips for all materials

At 2nd Take, we deal with second-hand clothing and know how important it is to keep your used clothes in excellent shape. There are many fabrics that require special care and treatment in order to keep them looking great. Here we have compiled clothing care tips for you.



Second-hand clothing Care tips for Wool

Our first clothing care tips deal with an old time favourite, wool – Lovely to wear, but not always so easy to take care of! Wool is a fantastic fabric to keep warm in winter as well as for those nippy spring and autumn days, where you need the extra bit of cover.  Wool is an expensive fabric and you want to make sure that you can wear your favourites for more than one season. Even though our second-hand clothes are in perfect condition when you buy them, your wool garments will get dirty and you’ll need to clean them.

Learn how to care for your wool clothes



Second-hand clothing Care tips for Silk

The next second-hand clothing care tips are about one of the most luxurious fabrics – silk! Silk is one of the oldest textile and one of the strongest natural fibers. Its repute is that of a luxury, exclusive, graceful and elegant fabric and it stands for versatility and comfort. Before, silk fabrics were only worn by the Chinese Emperor and his family, but as techniques to farm silk worms and to produce silk improved, the material became more common. Silk is now loved and enjoyed everywhere around the world, in new or second-hand clothing.

Learn how to care for your silk clothes



Second-hand clothing Care tips for Cotton

We also take a look at an old time classic – Cotton. Comfortable, durable, versatile and long lasting if cared for correctly. Let 2nd Take help you care for cotton garments with ease and check out our clothing care tips for cotton.

Learn how to care for your cotton clothes



Second-hand clothing Care tips for Leather and Suede

Are you having trouble caring for your Leather and Suede clothes? You definitely don’t want to lose the money that you invested on these items! We show you the best, most cost- effective ways of caring for your beloved clothes! Have a look at our clothing care tips for leather.

Learn how to care for your leather clothes



Learn how to care for your suede clothes



Hopefully these second-hand clothing care tips will ensure that your clothes will look as new and keep in perfect shape and condition year after year after year after year.


2nd Take is the largest consignment second-hand clothing retailer Franchise group in South Africa with boutique shops in Cape Town and Pretoria, as well as a convenient online store. 2nd Take stocks exclusive designer brands and high street labels, often not available for purchase anywhere else in South Africa.

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