2nd Take is the best shopping choice in a tough economy

7 top reasons for the 2nd Take Franchise Success

In these tough economic times, one Retail sector is thriving – the Second-hand clothing sector.

With the downgrade of our economy to junk status and a possible recession looming in South Africa, our economy has been hit hard in almost all business sectors. The Fashion Sector has also been adversely affected by the global financial crisis and the gloomy economic outlook. However, there is one niche market in the Fashion Industry,  that has bucked the trend and is thriving, it is the second-hand clothing market.  Second –hand clothes mean big business in South Africa and 2nd Take has recognised this already in 2010.

Second-hand clothing and consumer trends in Europe and the US

The start of the financial Crises in 2008 saw consumers in Europe and the US, first shift to discount retailers. Now consumers are increasingly turning their backs on cheap, new mass-produced clothes imported from Asia, in favour of quality second-hand clothes. This trend is not only seen in Europe and the US, but we also see it here in South Africa. The flourishing trade of quality second-hand clothes, often with price tags still attached, is changing the way we shop in South Africa and the world.

In the UK used clothing stores are already dominating the UK high Streets in some areas and even though there are Charity shops among them, you find more and more upmarket second-hand clothing boutique stores, like 2nd Take, specializing in used designer clothes.

This trend of looking for budget prices for quality clothing, is not only found in the US or Britain. The South African Consumers are also affected by the pressure on household finances and are shifting in increasing numbers to the used clothes sector.

Second-hand clothes retailers in Western and Eastern Europe, as well as the US have grown rapidly and are investing millions of Dollars to expand their businesses further. It seems there is no foreseeable future decline in demand for quality used clothes, overseas or in South Africa.  It is noteworthy that these successful businesses are all large, multi- million Dollar companies, set up like large retailers, with many store locations, often with presence in several countries.

Second-hand clothing and consumer trends in South Africa

The pace of income growth and consumer spending in South Africa has slowed dramatically and consumers are learning to spend their money wisely.

For 2nd Take, the leading second-hand clothing Group in South Africa, it has meant year on year growth and increasing turnover. 2nd Take is well established and uniquely and well positioned for expansion and we are planning to increase our 2nd Take Franchise stores to 100 by the end of 2019. The business leverage and value proposition a 2nd Take Fashion Franchise offers, is unrivalled in South Africa.

Here are 7 compelling reasons why a 2nd Take Franchise is the best business to buy when the economy is down!

2nd Take is a business that thrives in economic hard times and creates win-win scenarios for all our business partners.

  1. We offer a popular, high demand product

  • our eclectic selection of pre-loved designer clothes, from Armani to Zara, for women and men are in perfect condition and at the best prices
  • we are the local one-stop international brands shop, saving consumers time and money
  • we sell at up to 70% below normal retail prices – everyday!

  1. A 2nd Take business is a low risk business

  • 2nd Take works on a consignment basis, which means we only have stock costs, after a sale happened
  • we never have hundreds of thousands of Rand tied up in stock, which one might struggle to sell
  • we never have overcrowded shops with stock not moving, we can return a slow seller at no cost to us
  • our business model means excellent cash flow
  1. A 2nd Take Franchise store is a Destination store, offering huge benefits

  • our customers turn into our suppliers and our suppliers turn into our customers
  • we have over 86% repeat business
  • our suppliers make money from clothing items they no longer want

  1. Our store design is beautiful and functional

  • 2nd Take customers shop in a boutique style setting and enjoy a VIP clothes shopping experience, while on a budget
  1. Our Franchisees benefit from our business success formula

  • we have a proven business concept – that excels in economic tough times


  1. Business Success guaranteed

  • our Business Blue print to enable instant and ongoing business success


  1. 2nd Take’s effective Business Strategy involves

  • Excellent and easy to use systems and tools that work
  • Ongoing training and know-how transfer from also a business owner
  • Effective Marketing – we can prove it
  • Financial management support – so you don’t run blind
  • Ongoing Business Development and innovation to stay ahead of competitors

Email us now to make a smart start with a profitable 2nd Take Fashion Franchise and we call you back: franchise@

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2nd Take is the leading second-hand clothing retail Franchise group in South Africa with boutique shops in Cape Town and Pretoria, as well as a convenient online store2nd Take stocks exclusive designer brands and high street labels, often not available for purchase anywhere else in South Africa.

2nd Take is your local one-stop international brands shop, saving you time and money!

For further information on 2nd Take, please e-mail franchise@2ndtake.co.za and we call you back!

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