Men’s second-hand Designer Clothing

Men's Designer fashion at 2nd Take - our second-hand designer clothing is eclectic and exclusive

Exceptional Men’s second-hand Designer Clothing

Whether it is for work or play, the world of men’s designer fashion is often overlooked, especially in the second-hand context. You are missing out on fashion treasures, if you are not coming to check out the amazing ranges of second-hand designer clothing we offer for men.

At 2nd Take we not only want to offer you second-hand fashion choices that meet your budget, but also help you find second-hand clothes that suit you and give you ideas on how to make fashion trends work for you.

Eclectic second-hand designer clothing ranges

With our vast range of exclusive, second-hand international labels, from Armani to Zara to choose from, we offer second-hand clothes that often are not sold in South Africa. We receive new stock weekly. With such a home advantage, it is easy to find fashion that will make you look your best, whether it is in business clothes, evening or casual wear, summer shorts or winter jackets; we’ll have something for every occasion and every season.

Let us help you, build a wardrobe that is exceptional as well as functional for prices that are 50% to 70% below regular retail designer outlets. At 2nd Take you will be able to add the essentials as well as the unique pieces to your wardrobe, to accentuate it and give it a fresh look.

Get an idea about what international labels and top second-hand designer clothing for men we stock in our online store.

The exceptional and trendy second-hand designer clothes, shoes by designer and accessories for men in our Sea Point store are mostly from international designers. In our online store you find, in addition to our international designer wear, top South African designer pieces and local labels.

These 2nd hand items can be new or used clothing, but they certainly will all be in excellent condition and look as new. About 60% of our fashion pieces can’t be purchased anywhere in Cape Town or in South Africa, as they are overseas fashion styles, often not imported into South Africa.

Shopping at 2nd Take is not only very affordable, but also pretty exciting! We stock the widest range of international second-hand designer clothing in South Africa.

We also stock second-hand designer men’s shoes, and designer eyewear for men. To be informed of new stock additions contact us

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Visit our size chart to view SA sizes vs. international sizes.

We regularly post Fashion related tips on our blog.  

2nd Take is now available as Franchise Nationwide.


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