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Origins of fashion – History and fashion terms

Fashion Facts that will surprise you!


  • False eyelashes were first invented for producer D.W. Griffith who wanted to enhance one of his actresses’ eyes in a 1916 film. The eyelashes were made out of human hair.


  • Did  you know that the skirt is the second oldest women’s garment in history?


  • Did you know that denim has it’s origins in the late 17th century, from French serge de Nîmes, denoting a kind of serge from the manufacturing town of Nîmes?


  • The origin of Neck Ties: They were first worn in Croatia; that’s why they were called cravats (CRO-vats) – Who would have guessed?


  • Clarity – finally!! An item of clothing is considered vintage designer clothes if it dates back from 1920 to 1960. Anything after this date is considered retro.


  • Now that’s interesting! Mary Phelps, a young New Yorker socialite used handkerchiefs to design the first  rudimentary bra 1914. Women everywhere loved Mary’s new design and Ida Rosenthal eventually started designing bras with different cup sizes.


  • Did you know that the style of low-hanging baggy pants, worn by Hip-Hop devotees, originated in the prisons of Los Angeles, in which inmates were not allowed to wear… guess what… belts!


  • Buttons on Jacket Sleeves? Another interesting Fashion Fact: Apparently Napoleon Bonaparte decreed that buttons needed to be attached to jacket sleeves to stop soldiers from wiping their runny noses on their jacket sleeves. (…I just can imaging the snotty salutes he recieved…) Later this “detail” got adopted into the main stream fashion wear and lasted into our times…. Could it be true? We think so!


  • Did you know that a person collecting Neckties is know as a …Grabatologist and the necktie is considered to be the most popular father’s day gift around the world? There you have it!


  • First there were fashion dolls to model the latest fashion styles. Probably not all that handy… and so the Germans – thought of a fashion magazine at around 1586. And as you know, these magazine became quite popular over the years  so “Vorsprung durch Technik”, need I say more?


  • The forerunners of our modern designer fragrance? In ancient Egypt, wealthy Egyptian women placed scented grease cones on top of their heads. The grease melted during the course of the day, covering their skin and clothes with an oily fragrance. * Generally designer perfumes can be divided into several categories; there are floral, fruity, earthy, crisp and musk fragrances.*
  • Did you know that sneakers were first produced in 1800? They had a simple rubber sole design and the name sneaker … guess what… comes from the fact that their soles are so smooth, that they hardly make a sound on the ground… *Keds was the first company to produce sneakers followed by Converse in the year 1917. The first model was the Converse All Star. Cool or not?*


  • The invention of the automobile had a significant influence on women’s fashion – in the 1900s, skirts became shorter to enable women to step into automobiles more easily!


  • Another fact hailing from Egypt is the iconic black kohl make-up. This make-up was applied not for decorative purposes, but rather to reflect the sun away from the eyes, so one could say that the first sunglasses originated in the land of the pyramids!


  • Bell bottoms were first worn by men in the navy, and were introduced to the fashion world by the hippies and increased in popularity, becoming a garment still associated with the 1970s, as seen worn by a skateboarding Farrah Fawcett. Today we called them ‘flared’ pants, and are a versatile clothing item which will always have a place in a woman’s wardrobe.


  • In the 1950s, there was a big emphasis on teenagers, and, as such, the clothing styles became more youth-orientated. The poodle skirt, a circle skirt with an embroidered dog and leash on the front,  is a good example of incorporating a bit of fun into everyday wear!


  • Wonder when some of our beloved fashion magazines came into being? The 1920s was a big era in fashion. The iconic flapper dress was originally designed by Coco Chanel, and it was during this time that Vogue and Harpers Bazaar first appeared on magazine stands. 


  • In the Victorian era women did not wear cosmetics, as it was considered to be for people of ‘questionable’ character!


  • Umbrellas were initially used to shade people from the sun, not to protect them from the rain as they are today. In ancient Greece they became a fashion accessory used by men and not women. A useful Fashion Fact to remind us be careful with the sun!


  • Native American boots, or moccasins were worn from Alaska to Arizona and New Mexico, sometimes extending all the way to the hip, and were generally worn only by women.


  • The Handbag is one of the oldest accessories, with some form of bag being used by both men and women since the days of ancient man. It was in the 19th century that they became a fashion must-have, when women began to embroid them with beautiful designs to show off their skills and to attract a husband!


  • Because nylon was needed for the production of parachutes in WWII, nylon pantyhose became unavailable. Women used drastic measures to recreate this; they would paint their legs with a water and instant gravy powder solution and draw a line down the back of their legs with eye make-up to recreate the look of stockings!


  • Shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, who is famous for his red-soled footwear, released a limited edition heel with baby blue soles so that brides would have that “something blue” on their wedding day!


  • The Beret, a hat typically associated with France, actually dates back as far as the Roman Empire, and far from being a fashion accessory, often made up part of a military uniform.


  • Colour blocking is a recurring fashion trend with it’s roots in the 1960s. We have fashion designer, Mary Quant to thank for that! Her innovative boxy-shaped dresses and her mixing of bold colours meant that her designs, even today, are recognised as iconic 60s style.

Goofy garment laws

Some Fashion Facts, we are certain are new to you!

  • Finally a US State who understands the importance of caring for your garments! In Kentucky, it is illegal to carry ice-cream in your back pocket!


  • In 1922 a Washington DC law required bathing suits to be not shorter than 6 inches above the knee. You were arrested if you wore a shorter model…
  • In Columbia, Maryland a law from the early 1900’s prohibits men from going topless on the Boardwalk. Luckily, we have some genteel shirts at second take so our handsome customers won’t run the risk of being arrested.


  • Did you know that in Carmel, New York a man can’t go outside while wearing a jacket and pants that do not match. So when it comes to style, Second Take can distract men from those fashion feaux-pas J


Eco is in!

Fashion Facts and the environment!

  • 215 jeans can be made with one bale of cotton – that is a lot of jeans! We have some fabulous designer denims at our 2nd Take online store.


  • In Canada alone, each person creates about 7 kilograms of textile waste that fills our landfills. Ahhrghhh! 2nd Take gives you an opportunity on how to be environmental friendly! of the reasons why 2nd Take is so great to have around!


  • Now this is some fun, Oscar Fashion Trivia! Colin Firth received an Oscar in the category best actor for his performance in “The King’s Speech”. His wife, Livia, wore a Gary Harvey gown made from 11 different vintage dresses for this special night! Recycling in a different way.


Fashion in literature


  • Did you know that Cinderella’s slippers were originally made out of fur? The story was changed in the 1600s by a translator….


Fashion facts

Interesting Fashion Facts

  • New York’s fashion week is known for casual and sportswear, London’s for avant-garde design, Milan’s for its over-the-top, but stylish looks and Paris’ for simply haute couture. At 2nd Take you find all different kinds of designer clothes. There you have it!


  • On average, a New York fashion show begins about 30 minutes late and lasts for about 11 minutes… that is quite short. Did you know these Fashion Facts?


Stars & Luxury


  • Now that’s something glitzy – Marilyn Monroe wore a designer dress made of 6000 rhinestones when she sang Happy Birthday to JFK at Madison Square Garden in 1962. This fabulous designer evening dress fetched $1.26 in 1999 at a Christie’s auction. Whowy!! What amazing fashion facts!


  • Did you know Barbie has been dressed by designers such as Givenchy, Christian Louboutin, Versace, Dolce & Gabana, Vera Wang and Gucci? Lucky girl!! So there is one girl with more shoes than you! Barbie doll has more than a billion pair of shoes by designers and she had over one hundred new additions to her wardrobe per year!


  • Since the beginning of 2012, the Duchess of Cambridge, better known as Kate Middleton, has spent over R550,000 on clothes! At 2nd Take, even a tiny fraction of that would be enough to stock your wardrobe with gorgeous designer wear!

Designers milestones

Some interesting Fashion Facts and milestones of well known international designers.

  • Christian Dior (1905 – 1957) was the most influential fashion designer in the 1940s and 1950s. He  created the revolutionary “New Look” Style, with it’s very feminine, hourglass silhouette


  • We have to thank Coco Chanel (1883-1971) for the little black dress, an ingenious creation of simplicity and elegance! She made this designer dress to be worn at day or night, depending on the designer jewellery or accessories


  • Georgio Armani (*1934) established a new standard of understated elegance: relaxed designs for men and masculine, easy-fit designer clothes for women, precisely cut and beautifully tailored! Our lovely Armani pieces at the shop attest to this!Armani was one of the first designers to invite celebrities to wear his designer dresses and suits in the late 80s.


  • The italian fashion designer Valentino Garavani (*1932) quickly became known for his amazing red dresses, all in a bright shade of red, which became known in the fashion industry as “Valentino red”. Fashion Facts worth while knowing!


  • Shoe designer of note, Christian Louboutin (*1963), who is famous for his red-soled footwear, released a limited edition range of heels with a baby blue sole so that brides wearing his shoes on their wedding day would have their “something blue”.


  • In the fashion world today, a lot of emphasis is placed on designers’ labels, but the first logo which appeared on garments was the crocodile associated with the preppy sports brand of tennis star, Lacoste. What a great fashion fact and what a cool logo!


  • Not just devices to baffle the Evil eye in order to avoid barrenness in new brides, but also a great marketing and business idea. The Christian Louboutin designer brand came up with a clever idea, albeit only for a short time period, to cater for the need of new brides to wear something blue. His shoes were available with baby blue soles. What an awesome idea!

Fashion Week facts

You will enjoy learning about these interesting Fashion Facts on Fashion Week 

  • Did you know that NYC was the first City to organise a Fashion Week in 1943?
    Fashion publicist Elenor Lamber wanted to give American Fashion Designers a chance to showcase their work and compete against the more established European Elite.


  • There are about 40 fashion weeks in different cities around the world every year, but the Big Four are in New York, London, Milan and Paris. They are the most prestigious each year New York is first, followed by London, Milan and Paris. What interesting Fashion Facts.


  • There are two fashion shows a year in the four main cities NYC, London, Milan and Paris; the autumn/winter collections in February and the spring/summer collections in September, timed just ahead of the actual season for buyers to place their orders and the stock to arrive in the stores in time for the season.


  • The main four fashion week cities are known to focus on different styles, Paris for Haute Couture, Milan for stylish, a bit over the top designs, London for avant-garde collections and New York for the sporty look. Interesting Fashion Facts


  • Each fashion week has more than 100 events and the top designers will showcase their collection including shoes by designer during the main week and the smaller labels before or after.
    The events including runway shows, gala dinners and charity events. 2nd Take is always watching closely!


  • Fashion Weeks originally where trade-only events for buyers and manufacturers, this has clearly changed and they are now highly publicized events which attract celebrities and the creme de la creme from all over the world

We will be adding more interesting and fun Fashion Facts – watch this space.

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