Designer Sunglasses Glossary

Designer sunglasses

Apart from being an essential item when outdoors, designer sunglasses are a great fashion add-on accessory to any outfit!

To get a better idea of what is available and what to ask for, 2nd Take assembled a glasses and designer sunglasses glossary with interesting and helpful terms and descriptions for eye wear.

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Acetate is a form of plastic,often used in lenses and frames.

Prada designer sunglasses with acetate frame - 2nd Take

Acrylic Plastic Lenses

Acrylic Plastic Lenses are inexpensive and light. The lenses will scratch easily, as the plastic is soft. In order to protect the eye, these lenses have to be treated to block UV rays.

Stylish acrylic gradient lenses available at 2nd Take online store

Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-reflective coating improves the quality of lenses by reducing disturbing reflections. It is applied to both the front and the on the back of the lens.

Anti-reflective coating helps to reduce eye fatigue when viewing a computer screen and driving at night. Normally, approximately 8% to 10% of light is reflected away from the lens, allowing less light to go into your eye and at the same time the light reflecting off the lens surface, creates a glare that further impairs your vision. Anti-reflective coating allows approximately 99% of available light to pass through the lens without interruption, hence improving your sight and reducing glare. Anti-reflective coating on designer sunglasses allow for a crisp and clear natural vision, which is not possible with uncoated lenses.

You should be aware that anti-reflective coating on lenses is more difficult to clean than a traditional lens. When coated lenses are exposed to extreme heat, the anti-reflection coating can develop cracks: for example, if left on the dashboard of a car in hot sunlight, .

Anti Reflective Coating - 2nd Take

Anti-Scratch Coating

Lenses with anti-scratch coating on the outside are not completely scratch proof, they would just develop less fine scratches. Generally poly-carbonate lenses have anti-scratch coating.


DSquard anti scratch coating - online designer accessories at 2nd Take

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses style, is close to the ones pilots used to wear; usually a metal frame and large, tinted lenses.

Aviator Sunglasses - Cartier Santos Dumont - fashion accessories at 2nd Take

Backside anti-reflective Coating

The purpose of backside anti-reflective coating is to reduce the reflection of light coming from behind your head into the glasses and bouncing into your eyes.


Tiffany & Co's backside anti reflective coating -second hand online store at 2nd Take


Ballistic sunglasses are shatter-resistant and durable.

Oakley ballistic sunglasses - 2nd Take fashion online accessories


Bifocal lenses

Bifocal lenses are those, which contain two regions, with two different optical lenses. Bifocal glasses are commonly prescribed to people who have trouble focusing on close-by objects, suffer from shortsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism.

Biofocal glasses - Carolina Herrera - online sunglasses 2nd Take

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Blue Blur

Blue Blur is a condition of blurred vision, when short blue light waves scatter in the visible light spectrum. A blue blocker lens is recommended to obtain a somewhat sharper vision.

Stylish blur blue goggles - 2nd Take second hand designer accessories and clothes

Bridge Size

The Bridge Size is the distance between lenses, measured across the nose.



The part of a frame that connects the two lenses, going across the nose.

Bridge size - quality secondhand eyewear at 2nd Take in South Africa

Cable Temple

These are glasses that wrap around your ears, to ensure a good grip.

Cable Temple - top designer secondhand sunglasses at 2nd Take in South Africa


These easy to use glasses are attached or “clipped” onto your regular glasses. They are often designer sunglass attachments.

Clip On Sunglasses - top international branded sunglasses secondhand at 2nd Take in Cape Town


We will be adding more information on Designer sunglasses and glasses shortly.

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