FAQ on Online Shopping

We have answers for you on online shopping, policies, authenticity and all other questions you might have. In case you can’t find an answer below, please contact us here.


Q: How does 2nd Take's secure online shopping work?

A: Click the online shop tab for more information.

Q: How do sizes of different countries compare?

A: Please have a look at our size chart for adults and kids, which has a detailed comparison of the various sizes from different countries.

Q: Can you help me locate that special item

A: Are you looking for something particular? Maybe we have it already, contact us. If not we will do our best to source it for you

Q: How will I know when you receive new stock?

A: Sign up for our stock alert service.

Q: How do I know if the brands are authentic?

A: We try to ensure authenticity of our designer clothes, designer bags and accessories as much as possible by requesting purchase receipts, tags and care bags as well as performing verification checks on the items.

Q: What is your Return Policy?

A: Due to the consignment nature of our merchandise, we have a very stringent return policy for the actual shop. Our return policies differ for the online store. Please visit our online store for more info

Q: What are your terms and conditions for sellers?

A:1.1 Acceptable stock:2nd Take will only accept international labeled clothing and accessories on a consignment basis. The items have to be in excellent conditions and they have to be washed and ironed or dry cleaned, before we accept them. All baby equipment has to be safe and in good order.We will take about four weeks to take on your items and get them photographed and administered into our system. For this reason, we record your items on a preliminary stock in receipt. Please check your final invoice, when you receive it from us by e-mail. 1.2 Payment for goods sold:Once the item is sold, we transfer fifty percent of the selling price into your bank account approximately six weeks after the monthly sales period has ended.We will only transfer due monies into your bank account and not give you cash, due to the higher risk of having cash on the premises.Should your item have been purchased by credit card, the credit card charges will be carried by 2nd Take and yourself and you will receive forty seven percent of the selling price.1.3 Price Reduction:2nd Take reserves the right to decide on the selling price for your clothes. You may give us an indication of the price, but the final price will be made by 2nd Take. You will be sent an invoice advising you of final prices.We reserve the right to reduce the selling price of your item by up to thirty percent should we have not been able to sell your item within four weeks. If your item was not sold within eight weeks we reserve the right to discount your item by a further twenty percent.We will be moving your items between stores for stock rotation purposes.1.4 Return items:Items that are not taken on by 2nd Take or are given back to you, have to be collected within two weeks of us notifying you. Should you fail to collect your items within the two week period, we will donate these items to a charity of our choice. No further notice will be given.We require two weeks notice, should you want to collect your unsold items. Items, for which we have received a sales deposit, can not be returned to you, as we have to honour the offer to purchase by the buyer.1.5 Administration Fee:2nd Take charges a stock in administration fee of R20 per item for items taken on for sale. This amount will be deducted in full from the first sales payments due to you.Should you choose to collect your items from 2nd Take, within 4 months after a supplier invoice was issued to you, we will charge a further stock out administration fee of R20 per item.The items will only be released to you after payment of the full stock in and stock out administration fees.No stock out administration fee will be applicable, if you choose to collect your items after a 4 months period or if 2nd Take decides to return items back to you.1.6 Liability for damages and loss of stock:2nd Take can not be held responsible for any damage or loss of goods, while they are in 2nd Take’s possession. Damages might occur when buyers try on items or loss might occur though theft.  


We hope you enjoy shopping online! If you would like to partner with us, as supplier or Franchise Partner please contact us.

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