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The Paul Smith brand continuously dominates the radar of fashion conscious trendsetters and available in our quality second-hand designer Fashion Ranges.

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Sir Paul Smith is an exceptional Fashion Brand that is a synonymous with classical traditional British wear.

Brief history:

  • Paul Smith is an English designer born in a little village in England, Nottingham, in 1946.
  • At an age of 15 years old, young Paul left elementary school without any relevant formal qualification, to pursue his lifetime dream of being a professional racing cyclist.
  • With no complete academic qualifications, Smith managed to find a menial job at a local clothing warehouse, where became an errands boy in 1952.
  • At an age of 17 years old, he was in a terrible accident, which shattered his dream of becoming a professional racing cyclist.
  • Paul Smith met his lifetime partner Pauline Denyer in 1969; Pauline played a vital role in propelling Paul Smith‘s career.


Early life:

1969 – 2010

  • Paul Smith as a young English lad, in his native town had always admired traditional British tailored coats and jackets.
  • Although he also admired British traditional tailored clothes, his true ambitions were to become a successful British athlete.
  • Smith left school at the age of 15 years, in pursuit of his lifetime goal to be a well renowned athlete.
  • Paul Smith became a post boy at a local clothing warehouse in his hometown, Nottingham at the age of 16 years.
  • When Paul (a wrathful-cyclist) was 17 years old,  he had a tragic accident; his back was badly injured, which had him hospitalized for six months.
  • The result of his unfortunate accident crippled his ability to continue his work as an errand boy.
  • During his six months in hospital, Paul met a few aspiring friends, who were students at a local College of Art and Design.
  • His new friends introduced a different and interesting lifestyle, which evoked his true potential as a tailor. Hence, he went back to the local clothing warehouse, not as a mail boy, but as a determined apprentice in the sphere of traditional British tailoring.
  • When Paul turned 19 years old he began attending evening classes, where he learnt the basics of cutting and sewing of fabrics. To thoroughly the trait of traditional British tailoring.
  • Paul met his lifetime partner Pauline Denyer (now wife) in 1969. Pauline is a fashion graduate from the Royal College of Art and Design
  • In 1970, with the encouragement of his educated girlfriend, Paul opened up his first own store, called Paul Smith Vetement Pour Homme.
  • His first showroom was the only store outside London,to sell limited branded labels, such as Margaret Howell and Kenzo. Later he began selling his own label.
  • Paul’s ever transcending talent in fashion was noted by the then chairman of Saville Row – Harold Tillman, who brought him in to work alongside with Lincroft Kilgour, another well-known fashion guru himself.
  • Paul’s clothing range was so exceptional that it was worn, by the great British footballer George Best.
  • In 1976 Paul launched his first menswear collection in Paris. Within the same year, he excelled in being the first clothing brand to open at Floral Street in London’s Convent Garden, offering his clientele an assorted combination of British fashion wear. His clothing line reflected his magpie persona.
  • Paul opened his second store in London, 1982, his third 1985 and his fourth 1987.
  • Although his designs were intended for men, Paul noticed that 15 per cent of his merchandise was being purchased by women; he then introduced his first collection for women in 1993. Within the same year, he took the risk of purchasing a bankrupt company that manufactured work-clothing and successfully integrated it.
  • Due to his service to the British fashion industry, Paul received a CBE in 1996.
  • He was awarded with The Queen’s Award in 1995, and within the same year was honored by London-based Design Museum, by opening a retrospective of his 25 years of exceptional business in the fashion world. It was also the first time the museum granted one person to exhibit their entire exhibition.
  • In 1996 Paul was awarded with the Honorary Freedom of the City of Nottingham.
  • Paul Smith married his 30 years lifetime partner, Pauline Denyer and was awarded a knighthood (highest award in the United Kingdom) in 2000. The award, which before Smith, was given to only one designer; Hardy Armies.
  • After publishing his first book in 2001, entitled – You can find inspiration in everything; he was requested to refurbish the England team sportswear for the Japan & Korea World Cup 2002.
  • After the 2002 soccer World Cup, Smith received countless awards on top of his previous ones.
  • In 2008 Smith subsidized his talents as a guest blogger to VOGUE.COM
  • Although one would believe that Sir Paul lost his interest in cycling, due to his childhood horrific accident; he is adamant in designing sportswear for profession cyclist, such as the likes of Sir Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins of CBE.
  • In 2010 Sir Paul revived and launched the Paul Smith Junior collection – children’s clothing line, due to overwhelming demands.


Sir Paul Smith as a fashion brand that has the tendency of arousing British traditional wear, which stimulates class, style and a bit of funk.  Paul Smith is a prestige and celebrated brand that is worthy to be continuously set on the radar of fashion conscious people.

Present life:

2011 – present

  • In 2011 Paul Smith helped with the design of the screen printed posters for the limited edition of John Le Carre’s novel. The novel became a collector’s item, because there were only 250 copies made.
  • Smith was also shortlisted for the 2011 Prince Philip Designer’s Prize, in October.
  • Sir Paul Smith has launched a variety of countless perfumes and colognes, which include; Paul Smith Men and women, Optimistic, Portrait, Paul Smith London, Man 2, Rose, Floral, Story, Sunshine edition and Extreme sport.
  • In his lifetime achievement Smith has collaborated with various prominent names, such as likes of Oakley sunglasses, Triumph motorbikes, Cappellink furniture, Manchester United Football Mercian bikes and Burton snowboards.
  • Today Sir Paul Smith’s collection is distributed to over 66 countries and 17 shops in his native country. Paul also has dozens of outbound stores, which are located in Paris, Milan, New York, San Francisco, Antwerp, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, U.A.E, Los Angeles; and 200 shops in Japan (the hub of Sir Paul Smith’s aspiration). The reason behind his abundant shops in Japan, is that Smith remains devoted to Japanese business, Japanese ‘old school’ clothing designs and Japanese fabrics.
  • Smith has three clothing stores in South Africa; one in Cape Town and two stores in Johannesburg
  • At 69 years of age, Smith continues to be centre of stage, concerning fashion conscious folks.
  • Sir Paul Smith is currently the chairman and a designer of his company.


“I do not consider myself a great businessman or an outstanding designer. And this fact saves me. Therefore, probably, I’m just good enough in both spheres.”

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