Second-hand clothing versus vintage clothing

Second-hand clothing versus Vintage clothing

 Second-hand clothing and vintage clothing at 2nd Take

2nd Take has taken the second-hand clothing concept to a different level in South Africa. 2nd Take does not only stock second-hand or used clothes of excellent quality, but especially international designer clothes for women, men and kids, as well as top quality baby equipment and toys. Buy now, in store or online, as we only stock one item of each.

The popularity of vintage clothing has been on the increase since the early 1990s. This vintage boom has been helped along by celebrities and top models, wearing vintage clothing. With the world becoming increasingly more environmentally conscious, second-hand clothing has become more acceptable and wide spread. It is more desirable to re-use, recycle and repair, rather than throw away.

It seems that there is confusion, as to what the difference is between second-hand clothing, vintage, antique and retro clothing.

We took a look at the specific definitions of each term.


Vintage Clothes

Second-hand or new clothing, from the 1920s up to 20 years to the present, is considered vintage.

The popularity of vintage clothing has been on the increase since the early 1990s. This vintage boom has been helped along by celebrities and top models.

Vintage clothing retains and increases in value due to the fact that it is genuinely from a past era.


Antique Clothes

Antique clothing refers to clothing items which were made before the 1920s. They could be from a Victorian, Baroque etc era.


Retro Clothes

Retro or retrospective clothing, usually refers to replicate clothing items from a previous era. These items are usually newly made clothing items, copied from an older garment or older fashion styles.

Garments closely resembling original vintage or antique clothing are usually mass-produced. For example a 1920’s dress could be reproduced. At a glance it will look like the real thing, but on closer examination it will be revealed that it, only superficially, looks like the original dress. Retro clothes are a convenient alternative to people who admire an old style, but prefer a modern interpretation thereof. Unlike the original garments, these reproduced items, are usually available in a range of sizes, colours and fabrics, and are much cheaper than the original.


Modern or Contemporary Clothing

These terms usually refer to clothing made at present.



It is notable that vintage clothing is usually smaller than the corresponding current sizes. An example would be clothing items from the 1960s labelled medium, would currently vary between Small and Extra Small.


Shopping in used clothes stores like 2nd Take has many advantages:

  • great for the environment, as we recycle
  • our suppliers get cash back for their items
  • our customers get great used designer brands at bargain prices
  • we offer brands that you can’t find in other South African retail outlets

Buying Fashion from used clothes stores, gives you the opportunity to stand out, by creating your own and unique fashion outfits, which nobody else will have.

The exciting 2nd Take store concept is now also available as Franchise in South Africa. The 2nd Take Franchise is an ideal retail fashion Franchise for women.


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