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Why do you need a designer directory? 2nd Take loves famous brands; we love designers, and we love to know more. If you share these passions, then this page is made especially for you! Enhance your fashion experience and quench your thirst for knowledge with 2nd Take.

Find all the information on your favourite design superstars, in our easy-to-browse designer directory. Get to know the men and women behind fashions biggest names. Learn more about the trends that shape the style landscape. See what it really does take to become a revered designer. Discover fashion’s freshest faces, and track the trajectory of their careers and collections with us.

Its as easy as A-B-C… Browse through our designer directory to find your favourite fashion star. Read through their bio and glance at their most revered collections. Then, if you want even more, browse through our online shop to find gems from your favourite style gurus. Now you can know all about the Designer behind the Designer Clothing you can purchase online from 2nd Take.

We work tirelessly to regularly update our designer directory and hunt down new, exclusive fashion items for our online shop. Remember to keep checking back for your regular fashion scoop!

Dazzle your friends with Expert knowledge and become a Fashion Guru and be knowledgeable about the Fashion World,Famous Brands and  International Designers and the latest Fashion Trends. Find more information on fashion lingo here.

Keep it stylish!




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