Xavier Declour – Designer Information

Xavier Declour – Designer Information

Early Life

Xavier Declour was born in Tournai, Belgium in 1970.
• In 1988, at the age of 18, the young designer left his home to attend the college, La Cambre Mode in Brussels, to study a course in design.
• He later dropped out and decide to learn by doing.


• Xavier Declour started out designing evening-wear for men and held his fashion shows in various venues all over Brussels, especially Night Clubs.
• To date the designer finds inspiration for his designs from the night cub life culture.
• In 1995, Xavier Declour was awarded with the prize for best menswear collection at the European festival for Young Designer in Hyeres.
• In the same year, the designer launched a range of accessories.
• In 1997, he had his first runway show in Paris, and it was here where the fashion industry started to recognize the designer’s talent.
• In 1999, he presented his first pret-a-porter collection for men called Black Diamond.
• The media and buyers immediately found his send of style charming and alluring.
• In 2003, Xavier presented his first women’s collection, the collection was a blend of a strong feminine woman mixed with men’s styling.
• By 2006, his women’s label had made quite the impression, to be seen equal to his men’s label.


Xavier Declour is known for his elegant, semi-formal men’s fashion. In addition to this, his also known for his use of the colour black in his designs. The inspiration behind using the colour black for his clothing came from his love for the rock culture and night clubbing. The designer is even a favourite when it comes to designing clothing for pop and rock stars, having dressed high profile celebs such as Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake.

Present Day

• Today Xavier Declour continues to build his name in the fashion industry.
• Despite a financial set back, Xavier continues to work had in and in recent years has worked with the prestigious shoemaker JM Wetson, and here he has designed remarkable creations.
• The fashion industry certainly awaits the designer’s return.

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