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Tommy Hilfiger

  • Since the launch of the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation in 1984, the brand has grown from its humble beginnings in menswear to include high end perfume, lifestyle lines, women’s wear and exclusive denim collections.




Early Life and Education

  • While he was still a student, Hilfiger started designing clothes for boutiques around New York.
  • He soon became a full-time designer and introduced his first men’s clothing line in 1985.
  • Hilfiger’s unique and ‘never seen before’ design inspiration gave the American fashion world a fresh new look.



  • Hilfiger’s first store was called The People’s Place, but after seven years of business it went bankrupt; he was 25 at the time.
  • Despite being down-and-out, Hilfiger rejected offers from Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis as a design assistant.
  • Tommy Hilfiger caught the eye of Mohan Murjani, an investment capitalist who was looking to launch a men’s clothing line. With Murjani’s financial support Hilfiger launched his first signature collection in 1985.
  • After he left Murjani International., Tommy joined forces with Silas Chou and signed up Lawrence Stroll and Joel Horrowitz (Ralph Lauren executives) to form Tommy Hilfiger Inc.
  • Since 1985, the American brand has continued to grow globally, and in 2004 it was introduced into the South African market.



  • Tommy’s preppy clothes with the red, white and blue logo became wildly popular.
  • In his first signature collection he modernized the button down shirts, chinos and other time-honoured classics with updated fits and details.




Present Day

  • The Tommy Hilfiger brand has expanded to include a collection of women’s and men’s clothing including casual sportswear, accessories, footwear, perfumes, home products, luggage, as well as the popular Hilfiger Denim line.
  •  The brand is aimed 25 to 45 year-old trendy individuals who enjoy a classic American style.




“I knew exactly what I wanted to do – I wanted to build some kind of lifestyle brand that was preppy and cool” – Tommy Hilfiger


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