Summer Brands


From our Fashion show evening straight to the South African Fashion Week, truly fashion shows last the whole year; here are the summer brands that we see trending in our store and around the fashion world: Pierre Cardin, Country Road, Banana Republic, Eddie Bauer and Armani. Be sure to check them in our store or online.

monday post_30 september

Two more nights to the South African Fashion week, and guess what! Our gorgeous aztec print top has been featured in the September summer issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. We are also trending. Be on the look out for more of our items trending in magazines to give you the look and style you want.



As we are transitioning into Summer, menswear takes a turn towards lighter, fresher colours. The sorbet colour palette is a must for this seasonal change to refresh your look. Men, do not be afraid to make a statement with pastel colours.


It’s rare to see Kim Kardashian without her trademark Louboutin heels, even when she’s hopping on and off aeroplanes, But when the summer temperatures go crazy, we all (even Kim Kardashian) just ditch the heels for comfortable summer sandals. Get these summer sandals online.


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