Small Business Franchise and Social Media

Small business Franchise and Social media (SM)

Utilizing social media as a tool in Franchise Development

Being in a small franchise business, like 2nd Take, requires us to adopt and adapt all means necessary to drive the Franchise agenda and business growth. One of the more contemporary means of facilitating the marketing of a 2nd Take Franchise plus business development and growth is the effective utilization of social platforms to drive business growth, as well as Franchise growth.

Social Media Data is helpful for a small business Franchise

By adopting these platforms 2nd Take will automatically be in a position to secure valuable information, analytical data and statistics by platform. These analytical reports serve to underpin the marketing and business decisions taken by 2nd Take‘s management and serve to drive the small business Franchise, the individual stores and brand awareness forward from a campaign and product perspective.

It is a barometer to measure receptiveness to what the business is doing. 2nd Take is clearly successful at doing this, as we have thus far managed to garner close to 40 thousand followers on FB, over 5000 on twitter etc.


Social media platforms used in small business franchise

Social media platforms used in small business franchise


Social Media tools are common and can be adapted / customized to drive the growth and strategic agenda – based on the latest fashion trends. Leveraging social media as 2nd Take is crucial in the maintenance of our small business franchise and for integrating contemporary consumer inputs (i.e. in their own language).

This means that we can get very valuable information on the business by frequenting social media platforms. Consider taking the time and browsing the platforms to learn about the business, the product and all news relevant to 2nd Take.


Examples of platforms being used for 2nd Take include:


– (Website)

– (Twitter)

– (Google+)

– (Facebook)

– (Linkedin)




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