New Brands and Lacy Looks

In keeping with the theme of the last few Mondays, we have compiled a list of the new brands you can expect to find both in our online and our Sea Point store very soon!

Last week we received hot designer labels, including Paolo Casalini, Paul Smith, Catherine Moore, Michael Kors, Perry Ellis, Versace, Vittorio Forti, Dolce & Gabbana, Thomas Red and Sergio Rossi! So keep your eyes peeled, and check our website regularly- you wouldn’t want to miss out!


Michael Kors Bag


In other fashion news, the eyes of the world (and the tabloids!) have been on poor old Kim Kardashian, as she is clearly struggling with adapting her style to suit the changes her body is going through as a result of pregnancy. She has been the butt of endless jokes and jibes in the past few weeks, being likened to a sofa and having images published of her swollen feet trying to escape from a pair of high heels which have become way too tight.

It was not that long ago, however, that she was considered a fashion icon in her own right and a role model for curvy women everywhere,  and definitely wowed the world with some of her red carpet looks. Here is an example we found of her sporting a chic black lacy top and black skirt. She looks polished and poised (and her feet seem to fit in her shoes); we cannot fault this outfit!

Kim Kardashian


Steal this elegant look with this MNG Black Lace Ruffle Shirt, available exclusively at our online store!



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