Morgan de Toi – Fashion Designer Information

The Morgan De Toi brand is brand of fashion, glamour and passion...

Morgan de Toi – Fashion Designer Biography

Morgan is a Parisian brand that is known for its ready-to-wear collection, and has over the years built quite the legendary image in France and internationally.

Early Life of Morgan de Toit

  •  Sisters, Jocelyn Bismuth and Odette Barouch, founded the brand Morgan in 1968, in Le Sentier, Paris.



  • The first Morgan store opened in 1986 in the very chic 6th arrondissement in Paris, on Rue de Rennes.
  • The store started out with selling just lingerie but a short while after they began selling clothing.
  • Around 1989, the enterprise started expanding its brand by launching more stores worldwide.
  • The brand further strengthened itself by with its flagship store on Champs-Elysees boulevard, who attracted women  from all around the world.
  • In 2000, the brand opened up its capital to a partner, the Apax Partners group.
  • The brand in following years concentrated on building its brand, with cult advertising, the “Morgan de Toi” expression came from one of these campaign ads.


  • Morgan prides itself in its sexy, yet classic look.
  • Their pieces are renowned for having a mature feminine allure.
  •  Not afraid to use leather, the brand likes to represent the modern strong, but still girly woman.



Present Day

  • In 2009, the Beaumanoir Group, France’s top group for women’s ready-to-wear, bought out the brand and set its new beginnings.
  • The store now has more than 2,400 shops around the world, a team of 10,000 employees and six banner brands.
  • Today Morgan operates in retail stores, licensed stores, wholesale, mail order and 3rd internet party.

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