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Mary Quant a Fashion Icon

Mary Quant is Welsh fashion designer who became a British fashion icon.

Early Life

• Barbara Mary Quant was born on 11 February 1934 in Blackheath, London.
• Quant attended Blackheath High School, then later studied illustration at Goldsmiths College.
• She obtained her Diploma in Art Education from Goldsmiths, and thereafter she did an apprenticeship at Erik, which was an high-end Mayfair milliner on Brook street.
• In 1953, she met her husband and business partner Alexander Plunket Greene. They married in 1957.


• In 1955, Mary Quant and Plunket Greene opened Quant’s first store on King’s Road in London. The store was named Bazaar.
• In 1957, the second Bazaar store was opened. The store was designed by Terence Conran.
• Popular Quant Fashion designs at that time included small white plastic collars to brighten up sweater and dresses, bright stockings in colours that matched her Knitwear.Her men’s cardigans designed to be long enough to wear as dresses and a pair of lounging pyjamas were featured in the magazine Harper’s Bazaar.
• Initially, Quant was manufacturing herself, but with her increasing success she was working with 18 manufactures, by 1996.
• From 1950-1960, Mary Quant was one of two high-end London-based designers making clothes for young people.
• During this period Mary Quant designed one of her defining fashions, the miniskirt. The miniskirt is most widely associated today with Quant.
• In addition to the miniskirt she also popularized hot pants and became a British fashion icon.
• In 1963, she was the first ever recipient of the Dress of the Year award.
• In 1966, she was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire for exceptional role in the fashion industry.
• In the 1970’s, Quant focused her attention on household goods and make-up, rather than just her clothing lines. To this day she claims she’s the inventor of the duvet.
• In 1988, Quant designed the interior of the Mini. The car was originally named Mini Quant but was late changed to just Mini, due to the popularity charts being against having Quants name on the car.
• In 1990, she was awarded the Hall of Fame Award of the British Fashion Council.
• In 2000, she resigned as director of Mary Quant Ltd., her cosmetics company.


Mary Quant’s style trademark with any doubt is the miniskirt, though there are challengers to this, in the fashion industry her name will always be associated with it. In addition to this is also known for popularizing the hot pants, which made her British fashion royalty. Overall she is known for designing youthful clothing and being inspired by young people.

Present Day

• Today is she the Dame Commander of the Order of the British Fashion Empire.
• There over 200 Mary Quant Colour shops in Japan, this is where the brand is most loved today.
Mary Quant designs continue to be enjoyed and to inspire many young designer. Mary Quant still remains relevant in today’s world.

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