MAC Launches Marilyn Monroe Makeup Line

MAC launches Marilyn Monroe Makeup line

Makeup a la Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was a sultry and sexy woman, and has been a style icon for many years. What better way, then, to celebrate this bombshell than to dedicate a Marilyn Monroe makeup line to her honour? That’s exactly what MAC has done. The major makeup brand recently introduced its new limited edition Marilyn Monroe range, which consists of 14 products. The packaging of the designer makeup line depicts an image of the famous blonde actress looking typical sultry.

With products like eyeshadows, fake eyelashes, lash mascara and lipsticks in the characteristically feminine reds, pinks and plums of Miss Monroe, this range will have every girl wanting more. MAC lovers will be itching to get their hands on these products as will Monroe fans, making this line a sure-fire winner for the makeup house. The only thing that would make this range better would be if MAC decided to make it a permanent range. Adding Hollywood-star glamour to your makeup routine is so easy now.

Don’t know what to go for?

If your style is simple and summery, then keep it fresh with a soft and feminine blusher. A pink or peach cheek is the perfect “cherry on top” of a sunny day look. The key here, though, is to keep it natural – if you’ve got freckles, let them shine through. Don’t go heavy on the eye and add a natural lip colour.

If you’re a little more daring then go for a bold new lipstick colour. It is summer after all – the perfect time to have a little flirty fun. Plan a fun night out with your girls, apply some Monroe red lipstick and, if you’re feeling glitzy enough, maybe even try out some of the false lashes. And don’t forget the sexy cat eye – There are no rules here!

Let’s keep it classic

Are you a dedicated Marilyn fan? Tell us what your favourite MM film is, we’re dying to have a girly movie night in with popcorn and champers!

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