Louis Vuitton – Tutorial on how to spot a Fake bag

How well do you know your designer brand....

How to Spot a fake Louis Vuitton bag tutorial

Louis Vuitton is a top designer brand that produces luxurious handbags, ranging from trunks, shoes, watches, jewellery, accessories and sunglasses. The authenticity of their handbags is the most important thing because of the company’s reputation.

  • Louis Vuitton handbags are meant to be lined in brown cotton canvas.
  • There never have brown suede linings , not even in the vintage pieces.



  • The real LV logo is normally symmetrical from side to side in monogram style (the overlapping of letters to form one symbol).In the picture below look carefully at where the LVs are placed in terms of the handles and the sides.


  • Louis Vuitton is very precise with its stitching.
  • Check if the stitches on the goods are even and regular.
  • With their Speedy bags,  they  always have 5 regular even stitches across the top, just like picture below:

Made in?

  • For over 25 years Louis Vuitton goods have been made in France.
  • Also take note that they also produced bags in the following counties, USA, Spain, Germany and Italy.
  • Make a note that not all their bags must be “Made in France” in order for it to be authentic.  Here is the imprinted marking of an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag, Made in the USA:

The Fonts:

  • Louis Vuitton uses a very specific font. 
  • Notice the very round “O”s.  Here is an example of two handbags- one is authentic the other is fake. Can you tell the difference?

real or fake louis vuitton



louis vuitton handbag

  • These so called designer bags don’t come with a manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • The O’s in the word ‘Louis Vuitton’ are round and some are oval. On a real bag they should all be round.
  • Stitching should be neat and not come undone.
  • LV does not put any tags in the lining of his bags. This counterfeit doesn’t have a tag so you would assume it to be real. However their is no date code so it is actually a counterfeit.
  • Louis Vuitton prints the date codes under the D ring. the picture below shows an example of a bag without a date code.

     louis vuitton bag inside

  •  The red on the leather should  be neat

stitching end handbag lV


louis vuittion bag close up



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