Leather & Lifestyle- World Environment Day

It seems as though the weather in Cape Town has cleared up for now (phew!), so pack away those bulky raincoats and bring out the sexy and stylish outerwear! Leather is a timeless, classic material, with great diversity and versatility. One can’t go wrong with a chic leather  jacket, like this beautiful Scarlett Roos Double-breasted Leather Jacket available exclusively at our online store! For tips on how to keep your leather garments looking fabulous for longer, check out our easy ‘clothing care tips’ on our website.


leather jacket



In other news, today is World Environment Day- a day on which was created to stimulate both political and individual awareness about the environment, the damage that we have caused it and the steps we can take to repair the damage. Every bit helps, from eating organically to recycling. At 2nd Take we provide customers with second hand designer clothing to try and ease the impact that clothes manufacturing has on the natural environment. Every body should do their bit! So, when buying your leather goods, make sure that your leather items are ethically sourced.


World Environment Day



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