Kenzo Takada Fashion Designer Information

Kenzo Takada, a Japaness-French designer..


Kenzo Takada Fashion mixes Japanese sensibilities with European elegance, he balances the fashion elements into coherent garments that reflect both the East and the West.

Early Life and Education

  • Kenzo Takada was born on 27 February 1939 in Himejie, Japan.
  • He started out his love for fashion at an early age, particularly reading through his sister’s fashion.
  • He attended Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, but later dropped out.
  • He then pursued his love for fashion by attending Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion College.
  • After graduating with his diploma, he decided to move to Paris in 1964.
  • At this time Kenzo was trying to get his foot into the fashion industry.


  • Kenzo started out working at varies companies in Tokyo and Paris before he decided to go off and build his own brand.
  • In 1970, he presented his first showcase of his collection at the Vivienne Gallery.
  • After that, he opened his first store “Jungle Jap” and one of his models appeared on the cover of Elle.
  • In 1971 his showcase in New York and Tokyo.
  • In the following years Kenzo Takada Fashion showcases became more dramatic and got much buzz, strengthening his brand.
  • He then launched his first men’s collection in 1983.
  • In 1988, went on to launch women’s perfume line, Kenzo de Kenzo, after the success of his first perfume line, he went on to unveil his men’s perfume line.
  • In 2001, he introduced his skincare line, called Kenzokl.

Kenzo Takada Fashion Trademark

  • Kenzo Takada‘s designs are distinctive. One of trademark designs in incorporating the elements of the Kimono, the Japanese traditional dress in modern clothes.
  • Kenzo Takada is a great colourist and a fine tailor, mixing multi-cultural aspects and converging them into one. Takada’s first work borrowed heavily from traditional Japanese styles but it was his ‘big silhouette’ designs which drew worldwide attention. His designs made him something of a trendsetter for young fashion. In Japan, he is highly regarded as a pioneer who introduced Japanese fashion design to a world audience. Always very selective of his fabric, Takada in recent years has moved into the design of furniture coverings and household items. In September 1999, he announced that he was handing over the reins of his fashion house to his assistants.
  • Most notably in his designs is the use of a large amount of different patterns
  • All his ranges have a core print / patterns used throughout the garments and accessories

Present Day

  • Today Kenzo Takada is the acting Honorary President of the Asian Couture Federation.
  • Humberto Leon and Caro Lim are currently the head designers at Kenzo.
  • In recent years the brand Kenzo brand has moved away from exploring the Japanese culture, and has spread its designer aesthetic to celebrate different culture across the world.




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