Givenchy Designer Information

Elegant, high-fashion, haute couture these are Hubert Givenchy designs...


Givenchy is French aristocrat and fashion designer who founded the Fashion House of Givenchy.

Early Life

Hubert James Taffin de Givenchy was born on the 21 February 1927 in Beauvais, Oise.
• In 1944, he moved to Paris to study art at Ecole Nationale Superiere des Beaux-Arts.
• At the age of 17, after considering a brief career in law, he decided that he would rather go into the Fashion industry.


• In 1945, Hubert Givenchy began an apprenticeship with Designer Jacques Fath.
• After this, he worked for multiple French Fashion houses which include Piguet, and Lucien Lelong.
• By 1946, he was working together with Pierre Balmain and Christian Dior, both Designers where unknown at the time.
• From 1947 throughout to 1951, he worked for unconventional designer Elsa Schiaparelli.
• In 1952, he opened his own Fashion House at Plaine Monceau in Paris. His debut collection was an immediate success.
• The collection was called Bettina Graziani and included long skirts and tailored blouses.
Givenchy’s next collections included elegant evening dresses, feminine hats and tailored suits. This is when the Givenchy name became associated with high-fashion couture.
• In 1953, during a shoot of Sabrina, Givenchy met Audrey Hepburn, this relationship would prove to be significant for Givenchy’s fashion career.
• He designed a little Black dress for Audrey Hepburn to wear in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which today is recognized as one of the most iconic looks in fashion history.
• After this Hepburn became his muse, and he became responsible for the personal and professional wardrobe of the famous actress.
Hubert Givenchy also developed his first perfume collection for her, and called it L’Interdit and Le De Givenchy.
• In 1953, Givenchy met Spanish designer Cristobal Balenciaga, and in 1957, the two designers to introduce a new silhouette called the ‘’sack”.
• In 1973, he launched his first menswear collection.
• In 1981, the House of Givenchy split, with its perfume collections going to Veuve Clicquot, and the fashion side became a part of the LVMH group. Later the LVMH group acquired the perfume collects as well.
Hubert Givenchy retired from fashion in 1995.
John Galliano was chosen as his successor to head the Givenchy Label.
• After Galliano left, Alexander McQueen, Julien MacDonald and Riccardo Tisci served as head designers for the label.


• The Hubert Givenchy designs have become synonymous with Parisian chic and Haute Couture. The label is renowned for setting new trends of a youthful nature, these trends includes shorter hemlines and straight silhouettes.
• In addition to this the label will also always be affiliated with style icon Audrey Hepburn. The famous star, whose wardrobe was designed by Hubert Givenchy, has become a style reference. In the fashion industry you cannot mention Givenchy’s  history without it being associated with Audrey Hepburn.

Present Day

• Givenchy is currently owned by the LVMH Group.
Philippe Fortunato is the current CEO of the fashion house.
Ricardo Tisci continues to be head designer and creative director at at the fashion house.
• The company operations worldwide run as follows, 42% in Europe, 18% in China, 14% in Asia , 12 % in America, 7% in Middle East, 4% in Japan and 3% in the rest of the world.
• The brand today epitomizes haute couture, elegance and high fashion.


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