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Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion designer, who is best recognized for his menswear designs.

Early Life

•  Giorgio Armani was born on 11 July 1934, in northern Italy in a town called Piacenza.
• Armani attended secondary school at Liceo Scientifico Respighi in Piacenza, back then Armani desired a career in medicine.
• He enrolled himself at the University of Milan, in the Department of Medicine.
• In 1953, after three years, he broke his studies off and joined the army.
• Due to Armani medical studies, he was promoted and was transferred to infirmary in Verona. After experiencing hospital life, Armani decided to take a different career path.


• After leaving the military, Armani the found a job as a window dresser at La Rinascente, a department store in Milan.
• In his time at store, he became a retailer in the menswear department, and here is where he gained valuable experience of the fashion industry.
• In the 1960’s, Armani moved to Nino Cerruti and here he designed for the menswear department.
• Armani continued to work at Nino Cerruti for the next ten years, at this time, his design skills were high in demand.
• Later, Armani met Sergio Galeotti, an architectural designer, and this meant the start of a long personal and professional relationship between the two.
• In 1973, Galeotti persuaded Armani to open a design office in Milan, at 37 corso Venezia.
• This required Armani to focus, during this time he collaborated with multiple fashion houses such as Allergi, Bagutta, Hilton, Sicons, Montedoro and Tendresse. Armani was building quite the reputation and the press acknowledged his importance in the fashion world, especially after his runway shows at Sala Bianca in Pitti Place, in Florence.
• This experience gave Armani the chance to create his own style, and this now meant that he could devote all his energy to his own label.
• In 1975, Armani founded Giorgio Armani S.p.A. in Milan, along with Galeotti.
• In the same year, he presented his first menswear ready-to-wear collection, under his own name. He also presented a womenswear collection along the men’s.
• By 1978, Armani had established himself in the industry, an agreement with Gruppo Finanzario Tessile (GFT) made it possible for Armani to produce Luxury ready-to-wear in a manufacturing environment. This lead to the founding of the Giorgio Armani Corporation.
• In 1979, Armani started manufacturing in the United States, and introduced his Main line for men and women.
• The Giorgio Armani label became one of the leading names in international fashion industry, with the introduction of numerous new product lines.
• The new Product lines included, G.A. Le Collezioni, Giorgio Armani Underwear and Swimwear, and Accessories.
• In the 1980’s, the company signed an important contract with L’Oreal to create perfumes and for the launch of Armani Junior, Armani Jeans, and Emporio Armani lines.
• In 1982, was the launch of Emporio underwear, swimwear and accessories,a separate store was even opened in Milan for the Emporio line.
• In 1983, Armani amended his agreement with GFT.
• After Sergio Galeoti died in 1985, Armani continued to develop his commercial prospects and licensing agreements.
• He opened an Armani Japan, which introduced his eye wear line, socks, a gift collection and a new line for men and women called A/X Armani Exchange.
• In 1995, Armani’s men’s and women’s skiwear and ski casual wear collection was created.
• In 2000, Armani continued his expansion of his corporation by adding a cosmetics line and home furnishings.
• At the same time Armani was being honoured by being the first living designer whose work was on exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum.


Even though Armani does include womenswear, it’s his menswear where his main interested lay. Armani style trademark would without a doubt have to be his menswear collections, his perfectly tailored and clean cut suits. Armani is considered as the leading designer in menswear today.

Present Day

• The Giorgio Armani Corporation today has a retail network of 60 Giorgio Armani boutiques, 11 Collezioni, 122 Emporio Armani, 94 Armani Exchange, 1 Armani Accessories and 13 Armani Junior stores spread over 37 countries
• He has won many awards such as the CFDA international Award, The Bambi Award, Gentlmen’s Quarterly Award, amongst many others.
• He also joined Samsung to design the Giorgio Armani phone.
• In addition to his stores, you will also find his designs on high-profile celebrities.
• Today it has been said that Armani is most successful designer to come out of Italy and his reputation certainly testifies to that.

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