Clothes to make a difference in!

2nd Take really cares about the environment and sustainability, and you should, too!  So why not spend the weekend making a difference at the Greenpop Reforest Fest by planting some trees? And there is no reason why you can’t look stylish while doing it! Check out this Balenciaga Paris shirt and Levi’s Jeans, available at our online store, that will ensure your clothes remain trendy while giving back.


The concept of giving clothing a ‘second life’ in itself is a ‘green’ move; the clothing production and the fashion industry are notorious when  it comes to the great consumption of natural resources and well as being an industry of excessive waste.  By purchasing second-hand clothing, one is not only reducing ecological waste and consumption, but also recognising the craftmanship, wearability and timelessness of clothes, particularly garments from the yesteryear.


So, you might love shopping for retro clothes retro, or you might love planting trees. But you can love both, attracting double the amount of karma! Instead of spending the weekend consuming, why not spend it giving back…you CAN make a difference!

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