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 Anne Klein Fashion Biography

Anne Klein was one of the first designers who introduced a ‘Modern American Sportswear’ line for woman.

Early life and education of Anne Klein

  • After high school, Klein studied fashion at the Traphagen School of Design in New York.
  • Anne married to Ben Klein in the early 1940’s.
  • Anne and her husband established the clothing company, ‘Junior Sophisticated’, with the aim of encouraging a move within the young American women market from the innocent, girl-next-door to a stylish and grown up woman.


  • In 1968 Klein, together with Gunther Oppenheim, launched the label Anne Klein and Co.
  • Three years later, Tomio Taki from Takihyo joined the company and bought Oppenheim out following Klein’s passing.
  • Tomio Taki then employed Donna Karan as well as Louis Dell’Ollio who became the main designers for the Anne Klein brand.


  •  Anne Klein created a ready-to-wear women’s line that consisted of separate pieces to be mixed and matched in a time when women were expected to wear mostly dresses.
  • Designed for comfort as well as fashion Anne’s designs became a hit because they gave women what they needed instead of what designers at the time thought women wanted.

 Present Day

  • In 2001, the fashion label Anne Klein and Co employed the designer Charles Nolan.
  • Nolan gave the brand a new, fresh image.
  • After just three years Nolan left and Michael Smaldone took over.
  • Presently Anne Klein and Co is owned by the Jones Apparel Group.


“Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women who wear them will.” – Anne Klein

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