2nd Take Donates Clothing to the Urban Development and Capacity Building Project

Nosiphiwo Kwetana and Nomphelo Mbilini showing off their tops from 2nd Take, Sea Point


2nd Take donates clothing to charity on a regular basis. Last week Thursday two of our keen representatives took a drive to the Urban Development and Capacity Building Project in Washington Street, Langa to hand over R5000.00 worth of clothing in donations.

It was an incredible experience, and the recipients of the items of clothing welcomed us with open arms and heartrending stories. The handover ceremony was attended by Margaret Mkiva (Community Development Officer at the Department of Social Development) and Wandisile Mtsolongo, who works in the Customer Care Department for Social Development.


The project encourages people to enable themselves by using what they have in innovative ways to create a comfortable living environment and standard for themselves. Handouts are discouraged – the movement places importance on self-improvement rather than waiting on other to donate food or clothing. We spent the day chatting with a few amazingly strong individuals about the hardships they had been through; the incredible thing about them all was their determination to better their lives.

One member had lost two children within a week to death while another gentleman, Mr Adolphus Dyani, suffered from a stroke resulting in half of his body being paralysed. Despite his handicap, Dyani has spent time curating a beautiful vegetable garden for himself. He grows beetroot, cabbage, pumpkin, spring onions and spinach, of which he is immensely proud.

It was an inspiring experience to see people suffering untold hardships and rising above that. This is where the Urban Development and Capacity Building Project comes in by supporting and encouraging people in these situations.

We were also fortunate enough to get to visit Sinebago Food Garden (We Are Proud Food Garden) where the community’s nutrition programme is set up. Two bubbly ladies from the community run the kitchen like a dream – they used to only be able to provide food three times a week whereas now the community members can be fed daily.

When 2nd Take donates items to charity it’s always a learning experience. Lena, one of our interns who was lucky enough to go along on the trip said, “Langa is a wonderful place to experience a different reality. It is just a few minutes away from the City Bowl, but it is a total different world. The people are so poor and so wonderful at the same time. They take care of each other and try to live from donations and from hand crafts. They welcomed us with open arms and showed us their houses and gardens. I think it is a really good way to help by donating clothing because it is something everyone needs. I would love to make this a regular thing and with the help of our customers we could do that.“

We’re extremely proud to know that we made a difference in the lives of some of the member of the Langa community and would like to thank them for inviting us into their lives and hearts.

If you can help out in any way (you can donate items or give sponsorship) or know someone who can you can get in touch with the relevant people involved:

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