Zara – Brand Information

Zara, the ultimate imitator of all things fashion.

Zara Brand information

Zara is an Spanish clothing and accessories brand. Zara is one of the biggest and most innovating retailers in the world.


• Zara was founded in 1975 by Amanico Ortega.
• Amanico opened the Zara store in a central downtown A Coruna, Galicia, Spain.
• The store was originally named Zorba but due to another business having this name, Amanico decided to change it, to avoid confusion between the two. After playing around with the name, he finally decided on the name Zara.
• The store at the time featured low-priced items, which imitated high-end fashion clothing.
• This concept proved to be a major success, and lead to the opening of several more stores opening throughout Spain.
• In the 1980’s, the brand stared working on optimising the design, distribution and manufacturing processes, that would allow then react to new trends faster.
• The company also hired a group of designers instead of an individual, to help then predict upcoming trends faster.
• This new process Amanico called ‘’instant fashions”.
• In 1988, the brand started its global expansion, first to Portugal, the next year to USA and the following year to France.
• In the 1990’s the brand expanded further and opened stores in Mexico, Greece, Belgium and Sweden. The expansion was rapid and spanned 88 countries.
• Since 2007, Zara stores have a men’s and women’s department and are divided into Lower Garment and Upper Garment.
• The brand in addition to its clothing, also specializes in shoes, cosmetics and complements.
• In Zara Kid’s was established and has been a huge success ever since.
• In 2010, Zara was named online best-selling brand by the financial times.


Zara, one of the biggest retail names in fashion, is known for their ability to meet consumer demands quickly. Zara is the ultimate fashion imitator, the brand is praised worldwide for staying on trend and never fading.

Present Day

• Today,  Zara has there are over 2000 Zara stores located across 88 countries.
• Zara is one of the biggest store chains  worldwide and is one of the rare stores that understands fashion from a consumer point of view, never failing to meet the demands of its customers.



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