Winter shoe trend: The stacked heel

Entry originally posted 10 May, 2012

Wear the stacked heel with almost any outfit shoe trend

This week we’ll be focusing on shoes, and not just any shoe. We’re taking a look at what has been named this season’s “it” shoe: the stacked heel. Keep your feet warm and comfortable this winter by investing in a pair of these babies.

The best Winter Heel

The last thing you want to do on your way to work or going out is walk in the rain and get a wet feet! Heels are a great option for avoiding this as they raise your feet off of the ground. But we don’t want your feet to suffer either! We’ll show you how to rock this look anywhere from the office to a great night out and still feel great.

Firstly, what is a stacked heel?

Stacked heels can be identified by their typically brown wood-layered appearance, which creates a flatter sole and a chunky heel. For many, this flatter, chunkier heel is the perfect solution to wearing high heels daily. Don’t struggle with killer, and sometimes painful, stilettos.

So how would this look fit into the office environment?

It’s Simple. Dress a pair of long stacked heel boots with an above-the-knee dress, tights and a long coat. You can finish this look off with a loosely wrapped around scarf.

If you’re the suit pants kind of woman, a simple stacked heel ankle boot would look perfect with a jacket blazer and smart pants. You’ll look great in the office without having to compromise on comfort.

Go out and party!

Don’t let a cold night stop you from having a fun night out, we all need a break after a hard-working week. What better way to do it than in comfortable yet super stylish flair? Dress up a great pair of ankle boots with pretty much every kind of outfit there is, whether it be a comfortable pair of jeans and strappy top or even your classic showstopper party dress.

Stacked heels let you look great without the discomfort of a pair of stillettos - shoe trend

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