Weekends with 2nd Take

By Annika Fischer

 A slightly different take on weekends…


It’s the second weekend of spring and we are loving the slightly warmer days! But if your nights are still suffering from the winter slump, we have the info to get you out the house and into the buzz. Be prepared for an unforgettable, bloodcurdling Friday night. Or maybe grab the friends and enjoy a good laugh. Whatever you need, we’ll fill you in!


Balkanology presents: The masked Vampyre Ball 1819

 Balkanology Masked Vampyre Ball



After a brutal winter of snow and rain falling from the skies like wooden stakes, the suave undead, aching for a social gathering befitting of their stature, are stirring in their lavish mausoleums. For the news has reached them like the scent of the young, beautiful and mortal: The clans shall congregate once more in a celebration for the Masked Vampyre Ball – 1819! ….”

This sounds terrifyingly exciting! If you love vampires, you should definitely not miss out on the Balkanology Vampyre Ball, presented by Beanstalk. Noze, Vlad & the mini Imp’alers Orchestra, Toby2shoes and many more thrilling bands will take the stageCatch it tonight at 21:00 at the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town, and tomorrow at Carfax, Newtown in Jo’burg.

We can’t wait to transform ourselves into glamorous, devilish beings and head back to the 1819’s.  Hope to see you all there!

For more details visit The Beanstalk by clicking the link. 



Nando’s Comedy Festival

Enjoy the legendary African comedians in the Mother-city tonight!

Brian Haner, David Kau, Lil Rel, Loni Love, Louis Katz, Michael Winslow and Orlando Jones will make you and your friends laugh until your tummies hurt! If you haven’t been at this year’s Nando’s comedy festival yet, you should definitely get your tickets now before its too late! The event starts at 19:30 tonight so follow this link to find out how you can book your seat.  


If you have a an event that you want the world to know about, please send your event details and information to marketing@2ndtake.co.za and we’ll put out the buzz to our fashion loving friends.

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