Wearing skirts and dresses in winter

Entry Originally posted on 4 May, 2012

Wearing skirts and dresses in winter - winter accessories


Don’t let the colder days scare your skirts and dresses into hiding. You can still have that feminine look all through the winter, all you need to do is arm yourself with the correct “tools”.


A few essential winter accessories: 

Leggings and tights:

The first step towards making sure your winter wardrobe is complete is purchasing a pair of versatile leggings or tights. Nylon tights work best when it’s chilly outside but when it gets a bit colder opt for a pair of leggings. If you’re really worried about keeping warm you can wear two pairs: one pair of tights and one thick pair of knitted leggings over them. With the added layer of tights or leggings, wearing a skirt is no problem.


Ankle & Leg warmers:

These go a long way towards keeping the warmth in when you’re wearing a dress of skirt. Wear a pair of nylon stockings under your skirt and add a pair of leg warmers around your ankles to make sure you keep warm.



There’s no point in dressing warmly if you’re going to wear open shoes. Make sure you’ve got a pair of boots this winter to make sure you keep snug. Ankle boots are a great choice, especially with the tights-and-skirt combination mentioned earlier, but for some proper protection against the chill it’s better opt for a longer pair.


Scarves, gloves and hats:

Keep the heat in by rocking warm winter scarves, hats and gloves. These smaller accessories are often overlooked but are essential for keeping warm. Cover up exposed skin around your neck, head and hands and you won’t have a problem with the cold.


General styling tips:

  • Because we tend to wear layers in winter it’s always a good idea to opt for solid colours for a slick look. Neutral, natural tones always look good so go for greys, browns, blacks and deep colours like maroon and blue.


  • Don’t layer too much. Wearing too many jackets at once will make you feel restricted and uncomfortable. You’ll also lose your body’s shape underneath all those clothes.


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