Trends and Fashion: Folk

This week, 2nd take, is all about folk fashion. This trend has been a continuous inspiration to many designers, including Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino and Givency. A unique look and style is created by combining traditional cultural dress. It is dominated by structured stripes, ethnic patterns, hand stitched, embroidery detailing and decorative features such as tassels and feathers.

The folk fashion trend is a derivative of folk etymology, meaning the change of words or phrases overtime and altering words from unfamiliar to familiar ones. This is applicable in fashion, altering elements to be more relevant to popular culture, and adapting past aspects to present times. With each coming Autumn Season, the Folk Trend gets adjusted for a fresh take, drawing more inspiration from certain cultures, and applying the inspirational element differently.

The trending colours include; shades of maroon, browns and yellows, usually combined in a pattern for effect. The ethnic patterns are an important part of creating the ambience of this trend. The relevant folk / tradition is referenced in the specific colours and patterns used.

At 2nd Take we have the must have items for this trend: the printed dress, the faux fur gilet, the ankle-grazing flowing skirt, boots with decorative detailing, accessories made from wood and shell.

2nd Take is an exclusive, independent fashion retailer specialising in international designer branded second hand clothing. All our items are fashionable and trendy catering to woman, men and children. Each division has clothing items to suit different occasions and styles.

The folk trend is for Autumn / Winter 2014

The folk trend is for Autumn / Winter 2014

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