Tips on eco-friendly clothes-washing


Eco-Friendly tips for washing your clothes

Be Eco-friendly

 Being eco-friendly sometimes seems like a headache but with these easy tips you’ll help the environment, save money every month and make sure your clothes stay fresh, bright and fluffy. Your clothes-washing routine will be turned green after you ditch all those harmful chemical products.


These simple tips will benefit both you and your clothing whether your clothes are made from organic cotton or not.  Be an eco-friendly warrior and help protect your planet by doing your part for the environment.


Control the temperature:

Switch to a cold water wash. Warm water tends to fade and stretch clothes and uses a lot more electricity than is necessary to care for your clothes.

Wash full loads:

Fill up your loads rather than washing two to three smaller piles. This can save you at least 10% on your laundry costs every week.

Upgrade to an energy-efficient washer or dryer:

If you need to replace your old or broken washing machine, opt for one that will save you energy and water. There are many new eco-friendly machines on the market now. This will save you lots of money in future.

Change your detergent:

Changing to a natural or eco-friendly detergent will be less harsh on your clothes and they tend to wash well with cold water. These detergents are free of chemicals like chlorine bleach and are made up of natural materials that make it biodegradable. This in turn is less harsh on the environment.

Hang clothes to dry:

By line drying your washing indoors or outdoors, it can extend the life span of your clothes.  It also reduces energy use thus saves you on electricity bills. If you opt for an indoor line or rack dryer it doubles as a humidifier which will keep your home warmer in the winter.

DIY detergent:

Yes, making your own detergent can save you money and will be easy on the environment. Use ingredients that are already in your cupboard: vinegar, salt, lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda.

Protecting your clothes:

Turning your used clothes inside out will prevent them from getting worn. Button and zip up all pants, tops or jerseys as this will protect them from getting holes or snags.

Our team at 2nd Take fully supports a greener planet and caring for our environment. Hope these tips are helpful and put to good use! We recycle your used designer clothes here so pop in and see how we can help you today.

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