The Design Indaba: Embracing Artisanal Fashion and Design

This weekend 2nd Take had the opportunity to attend Cape Town’s annual Design Indaba at the CTICC; an expo which showcases the most innovative up-and-coming designers and their products in the fields of fashion and interior design.

Design Indaba and designer fashion at 2nd Take Cape Town

The main aim of the Design Indaba is not only to show the public the latest fashion and design trends, but also to promote the idea of recycling, or making new things out of old or unwanted items. Another prominent theme is the concept of ‘breathing new life’ into a used product, a concept which is very close to the heart of 2nd Take, whether it be transforming a piece of cutlery into a piece of jewellery, or making a fashion statement with trendy ‘up-cycled’ home décor.

This year’s Design Indaba was bigger and better than previous years with a large, open-plan layout and individually themed stalls. Despite being bustling with curious onlookers and shoppers, we managed to catch a glimpse of some of the coolest creations on the catwalk made by young local designers and the personalized booths of the emerging entrepreneurs trying to catch the attention of and captivate all the passersby. Unlike the plain white stalls of last year, this year’s themes ranging from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to a camping and caravan site for the food court helped to create an artistic atmosphere and added to the creativity already on display.

The furniture and interior decorating style which seems to be trending this year is reminiscent of the art deco design era and there was a Post Abstract Expressionist exhibition, which blended vintage European styles with modern-day South Africa, capturing the diversity of our nation in an artistic and functional way.

By placing such a strong and positive emphasis on recycling, eco-consciousness and home-grown design, the Design Indaba hopes to change people’s attitudes towards fashion and décor and see that not only can SA produce gorgeous, functional art, but can produce it ethically as well.

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