A Take on South Africa’s Electricity Usage

Windmills-Eco friendly

Over the past 15 years the electricity usage has increased rapidly in South Africa, therefore the cost of electricity has tripled over the past 10 years. What is South Africa doing to save energy usage? Will South Africans be able to afford electricity in the next 20 years? These are questions that 2nd Take has been asking and we thought you might be interested in some of the latest developments.

South Africa is in the process of developing its very first solar station. This power plant will be situated between De Aar and HopTown in the Northern Cape. This system will be sun generated and the electricity will flow through the power lines. There will be 312 000 solar panels attached on 256km of groundwork. The amount of energy that the solar panels will produce (will cover the electricity needs of 33 000 households) with electricity. This could be a great Alternative Energy Beginning for South Africa as communities will benefit from big electricity cost savings.

Another interesting project is the building of 500 wind turbines within the next 2 years. The wind turbines will deliver 1200 MW of electricity.  A number of wind farms will be built in Eastern Cape and four wind farms will be built in Western Cape.  South Africa is getting serious in securing alternative energy sources.

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