Small Business Franchise – Entrepreneurship

2nd Take – A small Business Franchise

Small business entrepreneurship is an independent minded individual’s route to lasting business success. Small business provides an avenue for individuals to flex their business muscles and build a platform for growth. Starting a retail franchise business like 2nd Take creates a quick-fire entry point to growth and profitability.

A 2nd Take small business franchise will provide you with a tool kit for business development, with the business blue print, principles and fundamentals already figured out and set in place.

Consider owning a profitable and fun small business Franchise in the Fashion Industry with following benefits:

  • Suppliers win, as they get money back for the items they previously bought
  • Customers win, as they get amazing authentic designer wear at a fraction of the retail prices
  • Various Charities benefit, as we support them with monthly clothing donations
  • The environment wins, as we reduce the human footprint a little – Fashion pollutes like everything else
  • We offer unique internship programs for young people from varying backgrounds
  • You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself

Currently our brand has no comparable competitor in our business field and we fill the market gap fully.


A high quality small business Franchise


You can achieve all of the above at a known cost base and a sound business model – this is an ideal opportunity for women, to begin work in a new small business Franchise.

If you have the commitment and are willing to do the hard work, you will end up with a profitable 2nd Take store.

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