Singapore Fashion Week 2013

Singapore fashion Week took place on the 9th – 19th of October. Many designers took to the runway with amazing couture designs for this season. 2nd Take is here to give you the breakdown on the looks that were seen on the runway.

Designer Frederick Lee

Frederick Lee is one of Singapore’s most popular designers and once again he was featured in this year’s 2013 Fashion Week. Fredrick’s  inspiration for this season’s collection was the “dark side of nature.” Dark side meaning the use of the colour black and how black interprets passion.

Frederick Lee wanted to interpret  that dark colours depict true beauty and sophistication in his collection. He embraces  fashion by taking risks with the use of feathers and lace. Lee captured the sense of drama in his collection yet kept it new and modern.

 singapore fashion week Fredrick Lee


Designer Alexis Mabille

Alexis Mabille was another well-known designer that was seen showcasing his collection at the Singapore fashion week. Alexis focused on feminine beauty and  incorporated a romantic and feminine feel by having lace and bows as signature pieces.

The pieces showcased on the runway are aimed to embrace the woman’s important features and to depict a sense of elegance and gracefulness. The collection presented by Alexis is aimed to make a woman feel confident in her own body by focusing on the waist and making it look slimmer.

Alexis Mabille

Designer Junko Koshino

Junko Koshino’s collection for this season had a sense of colour-blocking in some of the runway looks. She puts emphasis on feminine pieces for women and manages to always experiment with new ideas. For this seasons collection she also incorporates  lace dresses and silk robes with gold motifs to create a new level of beauty.


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