Second-hand clothing and eco-friendly Fashion Designers

Rio Wrenn Eco-Fashion 1

Second-hand clothing is only for thrift shops?

Think again – many Designers take an eco-friendly approach in their Fashion Designs.

Second-hand clothing, is what 2nd Take is all about. But not just any old second-hand clothing….

At 2nd Take, we are all about making the world a much greener environment to live in. That’s why we bring you the latest tips on how to live eco-friendly in the most stylish way. Most people have a misconception that second-hand clothing or living an eco-friendly life style means that you would have to sacrifice your fashion style. No, you really don’t have to!

2nd Take is the perfect example, how you can dress most lavishly and stylish in second-hand clothing. Your choice of international designer brands at 2nd Take stores is unrivalled in South Africa. If you buy from second-hand clothing stores like 2nd Take, not only do you get to buy top quality items at bargain prices, but you also do your bit for the environment. As the Designer Fashion you purchase, does not need to actual be grown & harvested, the fabrics to be produced and dyed, cut, produced, packaged, shipped and shipped again. The negative impact on our planet is greatly reduced.

Second-hand clothing stores and eco-friendly designers turning the fashion industry around…

For all the eco-friendly fashion lover’s, here’s a look at Rio Wrenn‘s  artistic collection. To create amazingly beautiful garments, Rio uses a very rare “rusting” technique for the markings on the garments and she only uses pure silk. Rio Wrenn is not just a Fashion Designer but she is a talented artist, what ever material that she uses is turned into an exquisite peace of art. These garments are not used clothes as such, they are new fashion designs, using old items.

Rio uses items like vintage lace, bottle caps, metal and bottle caps. These items are then recycled and transformed into Eco Couture pieces for her Pre-soiled collection.



Rio Wrenn Eco-Fashion 2


This woman is phenomenal – who would ever think that something considered to be trash could be turned into a piece of art.

Do you know of more inspirational fashion designers who are making a difference in our environment? Share and leave us a comment. For designer looks you will love, visit our online store today. We have an amazing range of second-hand clothing from international designers.

2nd Take is the largest consignment second-hand clothing retailer group in South Africa with boutique shops in Cape Town, Pretoria and Bloemfontein, as well as a convenient online store. 2nd Take stocks exclusive designer brands and high street labels, often not available for purchase anywhere else in South Africa.

2nd Take is now available as Franchise nationwide in South Africa.

For further information on 2nd Take, please contact us on 021 434 5878 or e-mail






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