Retail Franchise – Drivers for growth

2nd Take Retail Franchise drivers for growth

Running a low cost franchise is a challenging proposition as well as a fulfilling one – 2nd Take business growth is dependent upon several growth factors:

  • 2nd Take retail franchise growth in the form of derived demand – simply put, marketing clothing sourced on consignment to a “ready to buy” consumer public. 2nd Take sources stock locally and naturally and stores it on consignment before resale, to a defined market.
  • Marketing and advertising both short and long term for a sustainable retail franchise – this includes loyalty / CRM as well as burst promotions ensuring repeat purchasing behavior. We favor loyalty through relationship building and do our very best to establish a loyal following for our brand and stores.
  • Footfall and directed traffic to a 2nd Take retail franchise. All marketing is directional and serves to induce purchasing behaviour at specific stores and to stimulate footfall to a 2nd Take store on a repeat basis.
  • Optimal category placement and merchandising for the 2nd Take retail franchise
  • 2nd Take POS and fixture optimization with prime visibility for the fashion category. 2nd Take has a cost effective and easy to install solution for optimal product placement.
  • Adequate stock placement and stockholdings. We ensure that stock is always on shelf and that there is always reserve stock in the store room.
  • Increase in the customer base through networking and actively marketing 2nd Take on social media and to external business stakeholders.
  • Suitable fashion ambassadorship for the retail franchise. 2nd Take encourages local fashion councils and local designers to drive endorsement of the franchise group

Good management together with adequate consideration of the aforementioned factors make growth in real terms possible. By establishing the right policies with suitable performance indicators, success is possible. Take it from 2nd Take – we will provide you with support on all of the above, guaranteeing you real success in real terms.

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