Race Those Shoes: The Glamour Stilettos Run

The 6th of April was probably like any other Saturdays in autumn; grey sky, chilly wind and coats everywhere. Take all that and add a bunch of women sprinting in the street in high heels. That’s right, the 6th of April was the day Glamour magazine gathered their fashion readers as well as women around Cape Town to put on their favourite high heels and do a 100 metres sprint in Waterfront. This race was put together with the intent on empowering grassroots women. In effect, Glamour SA partnered with WHEAT (women’s hope, education and training trust) to help raise funds for women who cannot get access to formal grants.

The Glamour Stilettos Run has become an annual one-day phenomenon, characterised by a day filled with fun, fashion, laughter, shoes, and most of all kindness and dedication. The rules are very simple: the heels have to be at least 7 centimetres and at most 1.5 centimetres wide. Obviously, sprinting 100 metres in these conditions can be challenging and would require some training. Someone with no high heels experience should probably exercise for a few weeks before entering such a race.

This event believed that participating counts more than winning. Indeed, all the contestants apparently walked away with a six month Glamour subscription, a goodie bag filled with gifts from Revlon and more, as well as a charity donation. Even when one of the contestants fell over before the finish line, she still received a prize, a “prize for bravery” as well as qualifying for a later race.  In addition to wonderful prizes and the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to a good cause, the event was also filled with fashion celebrity bloggers, who surely were inspired by seeing wet women racing in branded stilettos.

The Glamour Stilettos Race is probably the best way to illustrate the modern way to make a fashion statement. You can rock a nice pair of Zara high heels or even Louboutin shoes, hit the pavement and empower women. This race is not strictly reserved to women. Indeed, some men were participating in the race. Hopefully, readers and many more women will be inspired to entering the contest next year. Of course, 2nd Take will be there if you ever need to purchase a fantastic killer pair of high heels.

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