Networking in a Franchise

 Owning a Franchise and the importance of  Networking

Franchising is an optimal method for the development of a self-sustaining and mutually beneficial business network. The stakeholders involved in a well designed franchise model should have a high level of business acumen, can network and possess a significant amount of resource that can be tapped into. Selected and ratified franchisees automatically become part of the network and facilitate retail engagement via Business 2 Business and (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) on an ongoing basis.


The many Nodes of a Network - and interconnected pathways

The many Nodes of a Network – and interconnected pathways

 How your Franchise benefits from Networking

Networking delivers the following intangible and tangible benefits to various degrees:

  • transfer of knowledge between stakeholders
  • optimization of process and systems
  • branding re-inforcement and entrenchment of marketing collateral
  • systemized training of staff
  • standardized reporting and standards
  • creation of goodwill and buy-in of the franchisors concept
  • a continuous feedback loop
  • bargaining power
  • cost and other scale efficiencies
  • service level standardization

A franchise network delivers on the above value adding elements. Many individuals are eager to become part of a franchise system as it automatically gives them the ability to tap into a large network of like-minded individuals. It is a fast track to independent and lasting business success. If you have the ability to recognize the potential of a great network – then you a will be able to reap the benefit.

Take the time, do do your research and begin a new career for yourself.

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