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Miucci Prada- How it all started

Characterized by its avante-garde, sensual and provocative style, which seeks to evoke a luxurious sense of freedom and intimacy with attention to detail and high quality, Miu Miu is an exclusive brand of women’s clothing and accessories from the Prada fashion house. It was launched by Miuccia Prada and that’s where the name of the brand was taken from, her nickname.

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She became famous for her Prada brand and she decided to introduce a secondary line based on her wardrobe. Miu Miu is the lower-priced brand as compared to her pricier signature line, it’s known for its soft, leather goods in playful colors and footwear.

Miuccia is not just a designer but she also produces  films. She launched The Women’s Tales in 2012, partnering with high-profile female directors to create silent films that featured Miu Miu clothing.

2nd Take – Home of exclusive second hand designer clothes brings Miu Miu to you

Miu Miu targets women driven by a modern spirit of exploration and experimentation in their fashion choices. Unfortunately ladies, Miu Miu has stores worldwide except for Africa, but needless to worry we at 2nd  Take have a few Miu Miu items in our store, so check out our online store for the best designer brands. For more information on on the Miucci Prada and this exclusive brand. Check out our designer directory post here.

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Get to know your Designer Brands

Buying a designer brand is not that easy if you do not know the brand, you might end up with a fake in your hands so careful. Check out the Miu Miu authenticity information here.


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