Latest Fashion Trends

Find inspiration in these current latest fashion trends:

Latest Fashion Trends

Urban Safari latest Fashion Trends:

Safari has always been associated with South Africa, here at 2nd Take; we inspire this trend with a modern twist. We have second hand, famous brands of international labels to encourage Exotic Escapisms. This trend has undertones of comfortable safari wear and outerwear; colours resemble that of pale nudes varying from brown to olive green. Visit our online clothing store to purchase the latest fashion trends.

Latest Fashion Trends

Mix and Match Latest Fashion Trends:

The trend is all about mixing and blending florals and stripes, polka-dots and animal prints, tweeds and plaids. And this is not just fashion orientated; it applies to architecture and interior design. Dressing up or down has never been more fun, you literally cannot go wrong by combining patterns that suit your personality.

Latest  Fashion Trends

Folk Euphoria Latest Fashion Trends:

This trend is inspired by the combination of cultural influences to achieve a personalized fashion experience, usually with a historic attachment. Our one-of-a-kind vintage / second hand clothing  makes this occurrence possible by matching fashion with different influences.


Festival Fever:

Music Festivals and Markets have become a major fashionable occasion. This has inspired a new fashion movement dominated by denim shorts, oversized vests, crop tops and ankle boots. This trend has a vintage flair and the famous brands we stock caters to this market.

Founded in 2010, 2nd Take, an exclusive, second-hand designer brand retailer, was established to provide individuals with a unique in store and online shopping experience offering branded designer fashion items at reduced prices. Many of  the stocked brands cannot be bought in other South African retail outlets. Make 2nd Take your first, and favourite, fashionable clothing store. 2nd Take now also stocks baby equipment, toys and books.

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