Our Take on the Latest Animal Print Trend

Animal Print Trend- a 2015 hot summer trend

The Animal print trend is hot and animal prints are the new black – yes we’re talking about owls on tees, birds on pants and even cats on knits! This new fashion trend is everywhere – from streets to catwalks, to the insides of our favourite glossy magazines. Although we know this look is not for everyone, we think that it’s fun to wear our favourite animal as a print, don’t you agree?

Who can wear the animal print trend?

Be the daring type and bring out the animal in you. There are so many different patterns and styles to choose from; get in on the animal print trend without feeling that you’re blending in. It’s all about being bold, getting creative and most importantly, having fun no matter what your body shape or personal fashion style. Take a risk: if you like kitties and puppies, maybe it’s time to go bold and rock a tiger or wolf print.

How to wear this bold new fashion trend

Because there are so many different prints making their way onto our fashion-radar, we know it can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together a few suggestions about how best to wear this animal print trend:

If you have the hots for cute animal prints, complement the patterns with something plain like a white t-shirt or cute pair of denims. You don’t want your outfit to end up looking too busy. If you’re going with a pattern on top, keep it simple below and vice versa.  Pair a zebra-print animal print blouse with some plain black skinny jeans and add a belt as an accessory.

If you’re into the more elegant look try getting the animal print trend right in sheer or silk materials. The added sheen or textures will glam up any outfit. A simple scarf or blouse in print is a great way to add this trend to a look without it overpowering your wardrobe and, adding some heels always turns up the elegance.

If you want to go all out, try mixing animal prints – just keep your colours in check. A blue leopard animal print top or blouse could look great with another animal print in browns. Why not pair some cheetah-print tights and a top with a cat motif? Just break the look with a pair of plain shorts.

Those who would like to keep their prints to a minimum go for the leopard or zebra animal print leggings. Pair them with some short shorts and a plain white vest to finish off the look; this will save you from clashing your prints.

For those of you who are not so keen on the animal print trend but still want in on some cute fashion, opt for cute animal accessories such as a cat pendants, owl earrings or bird brooches. This is a subtle way to pay homage to this latest trend without overdoing it.

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