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Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is a fashion designer who rose to fame for the quality and style of his women’s handmade shoes.

Early Life

Jimmy Choo was born in Penang, Malaysia in 1961.
• He was the son of a shoe cobbler, and from a young age it was clear that Jimmy wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps.
• By the age of 11, he had already created his first pair of shoes.
• After learning the craft of shoemaking from his father, Choo relocated to England.
• In the 1980, enrolled himself at Cordwainers Technical College in Hackney.
• He graduated from the college in 1983, with honours.


• In 1986, Jimmy Choo opened his first shop in Hackney, England in an old hospital.
• It did not take long for the Jimmy Choo name to build a reputation.
• In 1988, just two years after opening his first store, his shoes were featured in an eight-page spread in Vogue.
• After the spread, Choo was an instant attraction for celebrities with shoe fetishes.
• Princess Diana in particular became very fond of the designer, wearing his shoes everywhere she went.
• Although its popularity, the Jimmy Choo was still a small operation, making only 20 pairs of shoes a week.
• The designer relationship with Vogue would prove to be instrumental in the rise of his brand.
• Tamera Yeardye Mellon, the accessories editor at Vogue, who often use Choo to create shoes for fashion shoots, reckoned that there is a larger market for Choo.
• She approach Choo, in hopes of partnering up to create a line of ready-to-wear footwear.
• Together, the two quickly developed the business into a larger market, creating high-end footwear.
• As the business kept growing, they contracted with Italian factories in regards to manufacturing shoes on a larger scale.
• This increase in the manufacturing of more shoes lead to the opening of the first Jimmy Choo high-end boutique in London.
• In the 1990’s the brand was all about expansions of the brand an opened up stores in Los Angeles and New York
• Hollywood celebrities were are infatuated with the brand footwear, which made the Choo name that much stronger.
• Now in 2000’s, the Choo name was a global success, and in addition to their own stores, the brand shoes were also sold in exclusive boutiques such Saks Fifth Avenue and Harrods.
• The brand also then expanded it product list to handbags and accessories.
• The Choo brands image was on the ultimate high, but all was not as it seemed.
• Choo and Mellon were at odds, the two had thus far had a splendid collaboration, were now disagreeing about the direction of the company.
• Choo didn’t believe the company needed expanding, and was questioning the level of quality at which the shoes were being produced.
• The designer was longing for the days that he worked in his shop in Hackney, making small number quality pieces for specific clients.
• In 2001, Jimmy Choo made the decision to sell his half of the company to Robert Bensoussan for $30 million.
• Choo then returned to London, to a small shop which he opened.
• This shop serves as the headquarters for the exclusive Jimmy Choo Couture line.
• At the shop he crafts a small numbers of pairs of shoes and trains a select group of students on the craftsmanship of high-end footwear.


• The Jimmy Choo brand is best known for its fancy footwear of course! The brands name over the years has become king of high-end footwear.
• The Couture line, particularly has become in high demand because of its exclusive availability.

Present Day

• Today Jimmy Choo is an Ambassador for Footwear Education at the London College of Fashion.
• He has also been on the end of receiving some of fashion most highest awards such as the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.
• The best reward to Choo however, is living his simple life with his daughter and wife in London.


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