Good Food and Wine and Gordon Ramsay Make Cape Town Have An Explosion Of Taste

Good Food and Wine and Gordon Ramsay Make Cape Town Have An Explosion Of Taste-in a Comfortable and Delicious Way!

This year ‘The Good Food and Wine Show’ saw Gordon Ramsay in Cape Town. The man himself was part of the event being the main attraction for many Cape Townians that were ready to get their fill. With over a 100 stalls of Food and Wine, this year the event kept to its reputation of being tasty! The fashion style of the event was comfortable and chic.


 2nd Take event

2nd Take eventThe headline chef was the Hell’s Kitchen Master, Gordon Ramsay (left) demonstrating and displaying his culinary skills in the food theatre. Needless to say that there was uproar as the King of the kitchen made his appearance.

2nd take event


The other chef’s that braced Cape Town with their culinary presence were Eric Lanlard (right) who is a Master Pâtissier baking away for fans


2nd take event



The Junior Master Chef Isabella and Sofia Bliss (left). The Bliss sisters show that age really is only a number.
2nd take event



Bill Granger (right) who makes his easy going attitude to cooking contagious for aspiring chef’s and the everyday cook.



From a fashion perspective, the Good Food and Wine Show was an event that needed comfortable pants and shoes. With the walking and weaving between delicious stalls and the endless tasting of scrumptious testers of the food and wine, comfort was the key look found at the event. 2nd Take offers exclusive designer items that are perfect to be comfortable and fashionable.


There were many stalls that made their presence known, from sauces and pestos, to meats and cheeses. The Good Food and Wine Show had an ambiance that was fun, festive and fabulous. With the wines and alcohols keeping Cape Townians warm and merry, the vibe displayed cheery attitudes on the cool winter days. The aromas of international food and the buzz of foodies moving through the stalls set the perfect atmosphere for the Good Food and Wine Show.


Although this tasty and taste bud exploding event has passed in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg are still to have the Good Food and Wine foodie experience. With other great chefs and amazing foods, keep a look out for tickets. Be sure to grab your comfortable yet fashionable outfits before the event at 2nd Take. Visit our online store now!

Did you get to have this amazing experience? Tell us what you thought of The Good Food and Wine Show this year!


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