French Connection- Brand Information

French Connection, a cool, hip and edgy brand...

French Connection Brand Information

French Connection is an UK – based fashion clothing, accessories and homeware retailer.


• French Connection was founded in 1972 by Stephen Marks.
• The brand was affiliated with a middle income women’s market and was an immediate hit in the fashion industry.
• In 1976, the brand added menswear to their offering.
• In 1978, designer Nicole Farhi joined French Connection as head designer.
• In 1983, her eponymous higher-end label was launched by French Connection.
• In 1984, the brand landed itself on the London Stock Exchange and Stephen Marks was listed as the 15th richest man in Britain.
• However by the late 80’s the brand was financially in trouble.
• In 1991, the company was back on track, after Mark decided to take control of the brand direction.
• The brand then began using the name FCUK in their advertising campaigns, that’s stands for French connection UK.
• Then the controversy began, because it similarity to another word we all might know.
• French connection capitalize on this widespread controversy, designing T-shirts with messages on them such as “Hot as FCUK” or ‘’too busy to FCUK’’.
• These t-shirts became quite popular with some countries having their own specialize messages like ‘’no fcuking worries’’ in Australia.
• After endless legal and ethical battles about the branding, French connection stopped using the initial FCUK in 2005.
• Today though you can still find the initial on some of their older products.
• In 2000’s the brand also acquired a number clothing/homeware stores such as YMC, Great Plains and Toast.


French Connection is known for their exquisite dresses and elegant and funky evening wear. However, the brand is certainly known for its famous FCUK t-shirts, even though the brand have stop producing this item and have tried to defer from the name, many people recognize the brand as FCUK.

Present Day

• Today the French Connection has 131 stores in the UK and Europe.
• The brand has expanding to a variety of products including eyeglasses, sunglasses, toiletries, shoes, jewellery and watches.
• They have also launched a fragrance line as an extension of the business.
• French Connection is certainly a high class brand with many facets to it that could satisfy even the most discerning customer.


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